Kate’s Drummer Stuart Elliott Talks about Working On New Album

Stuart ElliotStuart Elliott has been interviewed on the “Drummer Interviews” site. Here’s some quotes: “I am doing a new album with Kate Bush. This is a lot of fun as she has kind of gone back to wanting drums, by that I mean by not restricted by not using hi-hat and cymbals and not relying on all that massive gated reverb stuff. She has opted for a more sensitive, even jazzy approach which, as chance would have it, I have also gravitated back towards….I bought a Sonor Jungle snare for about $100.00. It is about ten inches in diameter and two inches deep. What a sound though! It’s Kate’s favourite at the moment…I plan to continue with the composing, and of course, look out for Kate’s new album!” (thanks to Michael Leitz for spotting this, the interview would appear to be genuine, though not part of any official site)

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2 Responses to Kate’s Drummer Stuart Elliott Talks about Working On New Album

  1. Bernie Mullin says:

    Hi , I have always been influenced by Stuart Elliots playing- so fluid, controlled and great to aspire to . I was first inspired and intrigued by his playing on Al Stewart`s Year of the Cat. I am now in my 60`s and still playing drums regularly and would like to know if Stuart has a website ? I would also love to know if he plays regularly in the UK and where, so I can see him play. Please send him my best regards, Bernie Mullin.


  2. Julia says:

    Here’s his website and there’s a section for questions and answers.


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