Newsbits: Singer Heather Nova comments that she’d like to work with Kate in a chat on her website here….Conrad Kelly of band The Undead has recently said this about Kate while choosing Lionheart as one of his favourite albums:”It’s too bad that modern singer-songwriters possess a mere half the talent it took Kate to brush her teeth”….Comfortably Numb (Kate’s recent live performance with David Gilmour) can now be downloaded (video too!) here (thanks to Shahaf)….Dutch fans can vote for Kate in the 3FM Radio album poll here….Kate featured in Metro(free daily newspaper in London) on Wednesday 3 April “on this day in 1979 Kate Bush had done her first concert.” (thanks to Rafferty)….Kevin writes to tell us to check out They have a very popular cabaret/comedy show. Kiki & Herb have performed covers of Running Up That Hill, This Womans Work and Moments of Pleasure in their shows….Antonello in Italy writes: “a very short clip of Kate’s appearance at the Arena in Verona (Sept ’78) was shown on “Cocktail d’Amore” last Monday night. Kate danced while performing “Wuthering Heights”, she was dressed in red and was accompanied by two men who rotated a huge kite which hid Kate from the public till she was revealed – the crowd just went mad, also Kate received a very important award, the gold “Telegatto” (a small gold cat that is visible together with other awards in a black & white photograph published in one of the early issues of the KBC newsletters) as the best foreign act in Italy in 1978 (thanks Antonello)….Magnus in Sweden spotted an article about Kate in the April edition of Classic Rock Magazine, a two-page feature, the author musing on the current activities of Kate Bush as well as going back to an old interview (thanks also to Neal Neofitou)….