Peter Gabriel Talks Kate: “She’s Making Noises Again”

Peter Gabriel

Jerry Dreiss lets us know about this from the October issue of Pulse (free magazine produced by Tower Records) in an interview with Peter Gabriel by Bill Forman. Forman mentions that: “the new Gabriel track “I Grieve” has an understated inspirational quality not unlike “Don’t Give Up,” Gabriel’s stunning 1986 duet with Kate Bush, who has been even more elusive than Gabriel this past decade. (“I saw Kate a couple of months back and I think she’s making noises again,” smiles Gabriel. “I mean, she was being a Mum for a while, and I think also her Mum had died before that, which sort of knocked her sideways. But I know she’s back in the studio, so hopefully we’ll hear something from her soon.)” Thanks Jerry, read the interview here. [Newsbit round up and links updates coming later this week, thanks to all for sending them in.]

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