Over the past few weeks music artists have been choosing Kate’s tracks as favourites on BBC Radio 2. Ben on the guestbook writes: “When Beth Orton chose The Man With The Child In His Eyes on yesterday’s Radio 2 show (Oct 10th) she said “this song kills me. It’s a classic and it’s from my fave Kate Bush album The Kick Inside. The song is full of hope – that there is the right man out there”. Also Steve Balsamo picked This Woman’s Work, Rhianna chose Wuthering Heights and Brian Kennedy selected Running Up That Hill, all on Radio 2’s Ken Bruce Show. On another show, latin pop singer Shakira chose Wuthering Heights, John on the guestbook says that she said “that her sister used to play it to her all the time when she was a lass”. Sarah Kennedy included Wuthering Heights in her “Songs we either love or hate” feature, listeners vote in for song that irritates them the most. Sarah did say at the end that she liked the song.. To top it all off Dale Winton played the live version of L’Amour Looks Something Like You on his BBC show.