KBN&I is now 5 years old, and gets a new look…

KBN&I - new lookThis website was launched on the 25th January 1998 and since then, with the help of its many visitors, it has been keeping you up to date with what has been happening worldwide with the music that Kate Bush has sent out into the world. We even occasionally had news of Kate herself and what she’s been up to (well, sometimes!), but as we all know Kate’s career and lKite screensaverife has entered a different phase, still musically creative and driven, but also firmly focused on enjoying her family life to the fullest. This redesigned site isn’t really very different to what has gone before. I had been thinking about giving the site a new lick of paint for quite a while, but you know yourself, there never seems to be the time. Recently I was contacted by Brian, a regular site user and graphic designer, offering his services if I ever needed them. Before we knew it a new look had evolved. It also serves to help me with my site “housekeeping” too. I’m sure it will be changing and growing as the year goes on. Big thanks to Brian for all his hard work and help! (and especially for the beautiful anniversary Flash animation on the index page – you can download it as a screensaver here). Thanks again to everyone who’s helped to keep KBN&I going!

About Seán

Seán Twomey has been running the Kate Bush News & Information site since January 1998.
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