On 1st March VH1 classics in the US played the “Running up that Hill” video. On the same night two African-American dancers did a number to Kate’s “This Woman’s Work” on the well known variety show Showtime At The Apollo, taped in Harlem, NYC. The audience chooses the winners by either applause or booing, and the dancers weren’t booed off – apparently this is very rare. In the season finale, New Jersey singer Rosado won with his version of This Woman’s Work. According to this report, “as soon as Rosado, a sharply dressed 18-year-old from East Orange, opened his mouth, the audience grew still. Singing “This Woman’s Work” – the Kate Bush song that has been popularized, in recent years, by neo-soul star Maxwell – he grabbed listeners’ attention right away with his eerily beautiful falsetto. By the time he ended the song with some astounding vocal swoops, he had made a greater impression than any of his competitors. Rosado was named the winner….

Erasure have said in an interview here that Kate inspired how they approached their recent single, a version of Peter Gabriel’s Solisbury Hill….Ben on the guestbook tells us that in the survey of the Best Q Covers Ever, Kate’s December 1993 cover (Q87) was the 4th favourite voted for by the magazines readers….On the DC Comics Vertigo X websiteNeil Gaiman mentions listening to Kate while writing the Sandman. “What music were you listening to while you were writing THE SANDMAN? Early SANDMAN was an awful lot of Iggy Pop, and Talking Heads. I really liked the rhythms of the Talking Heads records. They were really nice to write to. Lou Reed. Michael Nyman, all the way through. By the early 90s there was Tori [Amos], Kate Bush, and a lot of Michelle Shocked. A lot of They Might be Giants and I think the Gothic Archies came right at the end. But there was an awful lot of everything.” (thanks to Jeremy & Tristan)….ten Peter Gabriel SACDs will be Released on April 14th, representing his entire back-catalogue. Fans will know that Kate features on Peter Gabriel 3, So and Shaking The Tree Greatest Hits….

Melanie Chisholm (former Spice Girl, Mel C) is featured in The Guardian newspaper – “Dusty Springfield, Annie Lennox and Kate Bush are Chisholm’s favourite female singers”….Tribe, a Southwestern Indiana percussion-based music group, have premiered “Modern Muses: Goddesses at Play”. The show will feature the music of Kate Bush, Dave Matthews, Leonard Cohen and original music by Lita Miller. Read more here….according to Rolling Stone, the soundtrack to She’s Having A Baby (the film that Kate wrote This Woman’s Work for), will be reissued in the US on March 25th….Patti Flynn wrote to me to say that This Woman’s Work was used as background music on the television show “Crossing Jordan” (starring Law & Order’s Jill Hennessy) in the US on January 27th. It accompanied a scene where a main character walks down a corridoor alone feeling helpless and guilty after the death of a co-worker (thanks Patti!)….

Wraith tells us that EastEnders’ UK TV actress Kacey Ainsworth likened her character “Little Mo’s” post-prison hair extensions to Kate’s coiffure (!)….Kristian is holding a “Kate Bush Night” at the Alliance Hotel, Brisbane (Australia) on May 31st 2003. It will celebrate 25 years since Wuthering Heights reached #1 in Australia. He is looking for fans that are interested in attending. He requires 3 musicians (keyboardist, drummer, guitarist) to play live covers on the night. If you can help out, please emailkf_sales@optusnet.com.au….The Independent newspaper reports that “Sunderland teenagers The Futureheads are a quirky pleasure, two words that rarely go together in my vocabulary […] for now they play rowdy, enjoyably shambolic stop-start indie pop, best captured on their new single “Carnival Kids” and their frankly astonishing cover of Kate Bush’s “Hounds of Love”….Cloudbusting has been used in the trailers for Channel 4’s recent two part documentary series “Leonardo’s Dream Machines” (thanks to Amanda Harold, John St. Clair Lang and Wraith)….

The BBC (6 Music) have a feature called “Album Of The Day”. Hounds Of Love is in their archive here, “A truly original work that has stood the test of time – if you haven’t got it already, it’s time you did!”….Bryan Simcott writes “Icelandic singer Pall Oskar who some might know from one of his early CDs with a beautiful, sexy and somewhat steamy version of Kate’s “Feel It”. His new CD, called Ef Eg Sofina Ekkiinott, features a version of My Lagan Love. He says in the sleeve notes that Kate is one of his fave artists and that he found her version of the song intriguing and mysterious and wanted to cover it in his own style (thanks Bryan)….Birgitte noticed an interview with a rap artist here – Q: If you could work with anyone in the world, who would be top of your list? A: Well, we tried to get Kate Bush for this album, but she wasn’t interested. Q: Why was she not up for it? A: I don’t know, she must of thought it was strange man.” (thanks Birgitte)….Birgitte also spotted Kate at number 4 in a TOTP2 Top 5 of “barmy babes” here (ahem)….