Chris Hall Playing Accordion on Kate’s New Album

Chris Hall

UK accordionist Chris Hall, from bands such as Bearcat, Breaux and Zydecomotion has recorded on one of the tracks from Kate’s forthcoming album. Chris has also recorded with Paul McCartney on his Run Devil album and with Bill Wyman, as well as 15 of his own albums. SWAN from the excellent French site found mention of his collaboration with Kate on this Chris Hall site and subsequently received an email from Chris: “I added some accordion to a track at her own studio. The idea was to add some Cajun accordion which I play in my own bands. Actually we tried Cajun accordion but it didnt quite fit so I used a standard two row accordion in the end playing a cross between Cajun, blues and African style riffs. Sorry, dont know too much about the rest of the album as I’m just on one track, I can’t even remember what it was called but it sounded great. Me and Kate worked together on the accordion riffs and she seemed very excited about the album.” (thanks to SWAN and Greg Kearney)

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