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A Dutch documentary entitled ‘Come Back Kate‘ is part of the 20th International Documentary Film Festival, held in Amsterdam 22nd Nov – 2nd Dec. It will be screened at 8.15pm Friday 23rd November (and on 3 further dates over the course of the festival). The documentary, directed by Helena Muskens and Quirine Racké, is 53 minutes long and according to the festival brochure features ‘diehard fans of Kate Bush talking about their special bond with the singer…the fans talk about her as if they were good friends…the result is a fascinating peek into the phenomenon of fandom. Bush’s devotees create their own magic world around her mythical persona, some of them celebrate her birthday on a beach in southern England…” The description certainly makes the film sound as if it’s painting Kate as an odd recluse (and we know what Kate thinks of that description!) and the featured fans as deluded and a little creepy, but having said that I haven’t seen the documentary myself. Read more about the film here.

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