After a week of speculation we can finally announce the great news – Kate has written and recorded a song, ‘Lyra‘, for the upcoming major fantasy film The Golden Compass, to be released 7th December 2007! It will also be available for download as part of New Line Records’ The Golden Compass soundtrack, which will be released Dec. 11. The song, named for Lyra Belacqua, the lead character in The Golden Compass, is written and produced by Kate in her own studio, and features the Magdalen College Choir, Oxford. It will be heard over the closing credits of the film. In the most recent issue of HomeGround magazine Del Palmer revealed that Philip Pullman (author of the books on which the film is based) had visited Kate at her home earlier this year, and it’s known that she is a fan of his work. This evening’s full press release from New Line Cinema is here. [Check out the full theatrical trailer in glorious high definition here, or visit the film’s official site by clicking the film logo above. I also recommend the fan site Bridge To The Stars.]