Bob Mercer passes away…

So soon after the passing of Morris Pert we have heard some more very sad news. Former managing director of EMI, Bob Mercer, died on May 5th after a brief battle with lung cancer. He is survived by his wife Margie and son Jackson. He was 65 years old. Dave Cross, who we all know from Homeground and who has worked at EMI, has sent us some words about Bob which speak for us all:

“Although I never met Bob, he was something of a legend at EMI as a very artist driven man, a proper music man, who worked with many EMI acts, especially Kate, he was one of the key people in her being signed to the company and was very supportive of her in the early days, our thoughts are with his family and friends including Kate” (thanks Dave) Del Palmer has posted about his friend here. Billboard Magazine pays tribute here.

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  1. Lorella says:

    Questa cantante, mi piace da morire, poichè essendo un pò americana ma anche ballerina mi divertivo quando ero poco più di una bambina, ad imitarla nei suoi movimenti di danza. Non solo: nella sua vita sentimentale ci sono stati molti amori. Essendo logicamente un’attrice certamente può vivere come le pare………………

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