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Morris Pert 1947-2010

Some sad news. The Scottish musician, Morris Pert, was found dead at his home in Balchrick on Tuesday, aged 62. He had worked with Kate on some of her most famous recordings, including percussion on the songs Strange Phenomena, Kite, Wuthering Heights, Breathing and The Big Sky; Boo Bams on the song Room For the Life and timpani on the song All We Ever Look For. On Kate’s 1977 recording of Wuthering Heights he played crotals, similar to disc-shaped glockenspiels. His studio session work included recordings with Paul McCartney, Andrew Lloyd-Webber, John Williams, Mike Oldfield, Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins. Morris was described as a shy, retiring man who lived quietly in his chalet near Kinlochbervie. In 1977 America’s Billboard magazine voted him the fourth best jazz and rock percussionist in the world, and the famous drummer Buddy Rich said he was one of the greatest drummers he had ever played with. He produced five CDs and wrote three major symphonies and featured on many BBC radio programmes. In recent years he was seen contributing to the Kate Bush: Under Review DVD documentary (you can see Morris talking about the Kick Inside sessions towards the end of this clip here.) We wish to send our sincere condolences to his loved ones. Read more about Morris and his work at his website here


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  1. Little Mikey

    Amazing musician. Its sucks nobody knows who he is

  2. LornaDS

    Ooh, yeah, you’re amazing!
    We think you’re incredible
    You say we’re fantastic
    But still we don’t head the bill

    Just discovered the genius that is Morris Pert…a pure pagan spirit. Beautiful & inspired by Scottish folklore.

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