First look at Director’s Cut vinyl edition

Now up on Amazon, full version photo here (thanks to Dan and Louise).

Disc One 1. Flower Of The Mountain 2. Song Of Solomon 3. Lily 4. Deeper Understanding 5. The Red Shoes

Disc Two 1. This Woman’s Work 2. Moments Of Pleasure 3. Never Be Mine 4. Top Of The City 5. And So Is Love 6. Rubberband Girl

Director's Cut two-disc vinyl edition

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11 Responses to First look at Director’s Cut vinyl edition

  1. Vindrag (Sweden) says:

    I look forward to getting this vinyl and the box-set!!! 😀
    And the CD too of course, so excited! 😀

  2. James Naylor says:

    I will be getting the 3 disc CD special as soon as i can get my hands on it, would have loved it in a 24 bit 196kh SACD or DVD to :-0)

    • Chris (The Red Bruce) says:

      Yes! Me too. And in 5.1! This music just calls for this! I find it very curious that Kate never seemed to be interested in surround sound… something that would give her so many more ways to experiment….

      • Jimmy McVitie says:

        Maybe, like most people in the world (me included), she doesn’t own a 5:1 speaker system and has no interest in owning one or going to the expense of upgrading her studio?

        Just a thought 🙂

  3. Dreamtimetk says:

    Please Kate, don’t ever stop releasing your albums and singles on vinyl. We all love this format…. !!! 🙂

  4. Andrea Rubera says:

    2 vynils for 11 songs?

  5. Ymaginatif says:

    Dear me – 11 songs on 4 sides … the urge for super-quality has one it from practicality again … Surely they could have fitted this nicely onto one very good quality disc!

    And thought number two: Amazon initially advertised this as 3 vinyl box set. Just confusion on their behalf, but it produces another pang of disappointment that his ‘lavish’ box turns out to be merely a very stretched out single album …

  6. Andrea Rubera says:

    I wonder why no high quality vynil version of TSW and TRS…

  7. audioreference says:

    don’t get sucked in by “audiophile” re-issues, good original pressings will sound better every time 😉

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