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Lily preview clip posted!

Confusion over Lily audio clip… we and many others reported a 30 second audio clip of the new version of ‘Lily’ being posted on Youtube, but none of the links are now working and there is no word on the official Facebook and Youtube pages. We will try and keep you informed when we establish the origin of the clips!

FURTHER UPDATE: We now understand that there was what is known in the music industry as a “cock-up on the video front” at YouTube which resulted in some some short audio clips and a number of email notifications being posted before they should have been. Understandably the lucky few who heard these clips got very enthusiastic and reposted these so that other fans could hear them. Having done this and noted that the clips had been taken down, one fan sent an email to and received a very polite reply explaining what had happened and requesting that the clip not be reposted until it was properly made public. We suggest you keep an eye on the official FaceBook and YouTube and of course here at for any further news as to when these clips will officially be made public.

FINAL UPDATE: The ‘Lily’ preview clip has been officially posted on Youtube. Wonderful stuff here from Kate 🙂




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  1. carina dickinson

    I can’t watch it here or on you tube, it says the video is private?

  2. Marcel

    ‘This video is private’– very interesting!

  3. It says that the clip is private, gaaah wanna see it! 🙁

  4. They don’t work. KATE STOP PLAYING WITH US!

    I’ll give you my left kidney for that Lily!!!

    Stunning! I fell off my feet when heard that!

    KBNewsTeam, here are the two low quality snippets I saved:

    I was SO lucky to be able to listen to them… Seriously…

    Post them if you want to.


    dying to listen to the new LILY!

    • Pls. delete the links.

      I regret it.

      I knew it would happen. Sorry.

      I will now wait patiently.

      So happy!


  5. That second clip where she just unleashes vocally is absolutely thrilling! I think Lily might become one of my new favorite Kate songs.

  6. oooooooomg, I’ve got so excited now. This is insaane!

  7. Paul

    I was lucky to heard it directly from youtube. Intresting because I wached it after only 15 minutes following posted it. Later it was blocked. Sorry, i didn’t any copy of that..

    Greatings from Lithuania! 🙂

  8. lol
    I didn’t make them if that’s what you are suggesting!


  9. Jose

    I love this new version of Lily makes it worthwhile for me that’s for sure.
    I wanted to ask Isabelle…are you from Poland?
    For some reason..I think Poland has the highest per capita amount of Kate Bush fans.
    That’s just my hypothesis from what I see on the internet.

    Jose, in Lisboa (Lisbon)

    • Hi,

      yes I am from Poland.

      But I think your impression may come from the fact there are about 5 very active Polish KB fans and they do all the job 😉 But in fact, I’ve never met any KB fan in person in my WHOLE life 😉 I’m sooo lonely here 😡

      Best wishes!


      • Paul

        Talking about fans.

        Any news about fans from Lithuania beside me? 🙂

  10. giulio

    Hello everybody
    here’s the link and it works on my pc…..

    I am STUNNED. FANTASTIC. this is just FANTASTIC, can’t add anything else….

  11. Joab

    Some people on the forum asked what she’s singing in the 2nd snippet. This is what I was able to understand:

    “Who’s on the left?
    Who’s on the right?
    The devil at the (right?)
    Get (or got?) the devil behind us!
    Get him…”

    And there I lose her.

    Sounds real great, anyway. Gotta thank the person who posted it, by mistake, apparently…

    • “Who’s on the left?
      Who’s on the right?”

      Wasn’t there some controversy about the correct ordering of the archangels in the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram?

      Kate had Michael on the right and Gabriel on the left. Other versions of the ritual had it the other way round.

      • She isn’t left handed, is she? 😡
        She has her own magic… Aw.
        She makes us think….to much!

        btw. Kate Bush News- I LOVE YOUR NEW LAYOUT (the upper pic, sooo sophisticated, sooo Katish-like!)

  12. Lily 2011 snippet:
    A-W-E-S-O-M-E…. it seems the entire DC album is going to have a real real live feel to it. Raw emotions. Live play. I love love love how Kate reinvents herself in every album. From TKI to LH to NFE to TD to HOL to TSW to TRS to A and now DC… new angle, new vibe in a multiverse I thought was completely explored….. but She manages to show new galaxies. Wonderful.

  13. PoeticPan

    Some one posted the 30 second clip. Just search on for “Kate Bush, Lily 2011.”

    She sounds F#$KING BRILLIANT!!

  14. Jaakko

    Woah, excellent vocal, what power!

  15. I got the official explanation that we have to wait until the official release. And it was all caused by youtube error. So the clips should never reach our ears. I’m sorry for my crazyness.

    Just be patient. And let’s save all that amazing excitement for the OFFICIAL release of Lily. That is to be some time soon, I hope!



  16. Julian

    I wonder if the renaissance of old songs is a prelude to a tour, the clip sounds very much live and alive.

  17. Beaufleur

    This one is working for me: as of 9.54 a.m. on 9 April 2011.

  18. haha

    At least mine weren’t blocked because I deleted them myself 😉

    Just be patient. Kate Bush and Co. need to protect their rights. Kate has a plan for us! Just let her do it all and let us have it all, mm yes, in the right time!

  19. Vindrag (Sweden)

    Oh, I missed everything =(
    I’ll never go to work again!!
    I’m sure it sounds amazing.

    • Sharnee

      Yeh. It truly was. Th passion, power, the loud energy just pouring out of her. I can’t wait to she had changed the rest……bring on the 16th!!!!!

  20. Sharnee

    I got to here it. The energy and the craziness is INCREDIBLE!!! Truly amazing, never thought she could make lily better!!!!!!! I listened to it probably20 times :+))) sadly, I had the capabilities to save it as MP3 bur didn’t before katebushmusic deleted it. I cutoff have shared it with ask you wonderful people. This album is definitely the new crazy album, move over the dreaming :+D one more thing…… all young fans…….go us!! Spread how incredible she is, defy the norms of the world!!! Anyone add me on fb. Katepics, my collection.and many lovely kate devoties there. Sharnee Billerwell xoxx

  21. Sharnee

    Omg. I got to HEAR it. Major embaressment!!

  22. Sharnee

    I could have shared it with all you wonderful people. Sorry just got a new phone lol

  23. mats

    The clip is still there, but you have to search a little.My opinion is that if the Bush camp did something by “mistake”, they rather let the clip live and be more careful in the futher.Fans are crazy to hear this and in the end it is them who buy the record and provide the money.
    Sorry, but i can not be to sensitive about this, whats out is out!!!!!!

  24. Chris

    The sheer ineptitude of the KateBushMusic channel on YouTube is staggering. They leaked the clip and then hand out community violation orders to those who propgate it. In several years of posting clips this had never happened to me before. Even a large major label associated with Bush once asked me to remove a clip (which I did) rather than adopt such a heavy handed approach. At the same time that people are profiting openly selling bootleg CD’s and DVD’s on Amazon it seems strange that it is fans who simply wanted to share a small clip get this treatment. At the moment I am simply disgusted with Kate Bush and her whole organisation. If the feeling does not pass soon that is one lost sale of Director’s Cut.

    • We have now edited the main post to reflect what we understand occurred. We are not aware of anyone receiving any heavy handed legal threats. If anyone knows different please let us know.

    • Joab

      I truly don’t think Kate Bush herself had anything to do with the blocking of these videos. I’m not even sure she’s aware of the leaks. My guess would be that the technical peeps at katebushmusic made an error (well, two errors by now), freaked, and tried to cover it all up by eliminating the emerging duplicates, ASAP, before it all gets out of hand and they have to inform the boss. That makes more sense to me then Kate Bush herself, sitting in front of the computer, blocking videos, or ordering people to do it. Dunno. I could be wrong, but at the same time, this could very well be all this was.

    • cwg

      Please tell me what Kate Bush has to do with any of this? It’s completely common practice that such things as official fan sites are being taken care of not by the artists themselves but someone representing them! Seriously, you’re blaming Kate for this? Lordie, screw ups like this happen ALL the time and if youtube chooses (or major labels) to send out notices again- WHAT does this have to do with Kate Bush or any artist for that matter?!

      I don’t mean to be jumpy but PLEASE lets take a deep breath and get some focus here! We’re talking about music clips prematurely and accidentally released here! Sheesh.

  25. Randall

    Interestingly, I just received an email from containing exclusive clips from the following titles on Director’s Cut: This Woman’s Work, Flower of the Mountain, And So Is Love, two cuts of Lily and two cuts of Never Be Mine. Sadly, all clips are marked as private and I cannot open them. However, the good news perhaps, is that the videos are now posted and Kate will soon open then clips.

    • momentum

      Same here – after listening to the Lily clip, giddy with excitement at the prospect of more to come in the buildup to the release

  26. mats

    It is the fans that make Kate live on her music, if these legal threats are true i agree with the commentator above.This makes me quit sad in all the celebration, but maybe it is a pure misunderstanding and has not involved Kate in person….

  27. Erin

    wonderful, wonderful clip!!!!!!!!

  28. Paul

    So powerful!!

  29. Vindrag (Sweden)

    I sense another atmosphere than from the original, the energy in this preview is lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely Kate!!! Reminds me of The Dreaming, in a way, just as Deeper Understanding. I’m going to LOVE Director’s Cut!!! =)

  30. GER

    BOINKKKKK I fell of my FEET,,,,,this ISSS KATE again,,,so powerful indeed
    this is so much the Dreaming again,,and I love it..whoo whoo..
    kissssssss GER

  31. cwg

    love it!

    the Kate we all know and love is definitely back!

  32. The Red Bruce

    And again it is not available in Germany and NO official statement or excuse… I find that very sad. This one does not even work with a proxy! If I did not now better, I would say they do not want German fans to hear this… Would somebody please at least tell us, why German fans are blocked?

    • BSB

      If you do an online search for GEMA & YouTube, you will find there is an ongoing legal process involving a dispute over copyright in Germany – nothing to do with Kate, or her company.

    • Might be worth emailing to see if they have any suggestions, or can confirm the copyright dispute is the cause of the problem.

      • The Red Bruce

        Mailed them today!

        • From the official Facebook site this evening: “We’ve had lots of comments about our videos not being available in Germany. Please note we are doing everything we can to resolve this issue. The problem is being caused by a commercial dispute between YouTube and one of the licensing bodies in Germany. This problem is effecting many artists and not just Kate. Please rest assured we are doing everything we can to overcome the problem and ensure you can enjoy all of our videos.”

          • The Red Bruce

            I thanked them as soon as I saw it… Finally a statement. Thanks again… a little gesture can go a long long way 😀

  33. giulio

    These 30 seconds sound brilliant 🙂
    O Kate is so WOW!!! 🙂

  34. Dreamtimetk

    Phenomenal, like a wave!!!!! I adore it 🙂

  35. Andrew S.

    I think that’s one of the best thirty second audio clips I ever heard.

  36. O. M. G!!!! Our Kate is truly ahead of her time with this version of “Lily”!! My excitement over the “Director’s Cut” preview is getting to me now!!

  37. Harry Horton

    This clip reveals a more volatile Kate Bush sound opposite the laid back jazzier like sound, I feared would predominate the recent releases. In anycase, I can’t wait to hear the rest of the pieces when they come out on the internet after May 16.

  38. Adrian Bedford

    Loving the clips, but truly, I can wait for the full versions. So far just sounds like raw versions of old songs with a of of shouting added. Not that I don’t love these clips, but it’s the whole new ‘live show’ I am dying to hear in May. And this is how Kate will compensate for the lack of a tour. It’s enough.

  39. Lim Wee Ping

    I need a someone to cast me a sleeping spell, and wake me up on May 16. Waiting for the releasing date is really torturing.

  40. Well, they solved the problem for Germany (and anywhere else for that matter). They have now just embedded their own vids on the homepage (at least for Deeper Understanding and the Lily clip).

    I still think the “fan” complaints displayed an unattractive sense of entitlement.

    • The Red Bruce

      The entitlement you are talking about here is the entitlement of being treated equally and fair… think about it!

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