Director’s Cut: Italian media round-up!

Antonello has sent us a round-up of reports and mentions for Kate’s new album that have been surfacing in Italy. They are mostly very receptive of Kate’s latest work, though a couple of them just report the official Fish People statement that was out before its release. One surprising happening has been what Antonello calls an exquisite review from the official site of the Catholic Church! Read it here. (thanks Antonello!)

Kate as Marion in a scene from Director's Cut album artwork

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2 Responses to Director’s Cut: Italian media round-up!

  1. dreamtimetk says:

    Some of the reviews are very impressive, and the official catholic web site review? Completely unexpected and great!! Good to read, they must like Kate Bush there too! 🙂

  2. giulio says:

    Yes, Kate Bush music goes with no limits….. 🙂 no bounderies ….

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