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Director’s Cut enters UK Album Chart at no.2!

We are happy to confirm that Director’s Cut has debuted at no.2 in the UK album sales chart. This is a huge achievement and we all offer massive congratulations to Kate and everybody else involved in the recording and promotion of the album.

This is Kate’s tenth chart album, which with the exception 1978’s Lionheart have all been top 3.

Well done Kate!

Sean Dave Krys Peter

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  1. giulio

    What an achievement… What a heartfelt record.
    Kate Bush, The Artist 🙂
    Thank you Kate for anything you give

  2. Jamie

    Well done, Kate. Can’t beleve an album of remakes, with barely any promotion and the most unlikely lead single has done so well. Not even arsed it didn’t get to no.1 (bloody Adele!) Now give us a the new material, you tease. xx

  3. GER

    😉 great newsssss
    life is sweet and so is love,,,,
    KATE thXXX kisss GER

  4. Rod

    Fantastic news. Quite restores my faith in the Great British public’s musical taste. Onward and upward. The triple album is marvelous; very moving- so someone told me, ahem *dabs eye*.

  5. Boyd Raison

    Well done, Kate! Glad other people have taste too! I love it amd keep playing it. All the songs feel like new ones to me, not re-worked. ones. The difference is, I already know (most of) the words!

  6. Gabriella

    WOW !!! IN YOUR FACE …Jason whatever you name is ….
    NUMBER 2 IN THE CHARTS !!!!*****
    congaulations Kate and everyone who been there and help make this a very speacil Album.. it is a fasntatic project ..and i very pleased with the music as always kate you did your very best make it speacil .. thank you so much Kate !!! and lets all party!!!!WHOPPWHOOP!!
    much love hugs gabi;) ***

  7. Bart

    Had a look around to see how Director’s Cut is doing in other countries:
    Dutch album charts at number 6 (
    Flemish album charts at number 47 (
    German album charts at number 35 (
    Irish album charts at number 4 (

  8. Kate,
    A big applause to you from America. Congratulations! I am at a loss here in New York. I can’t seem to find any way to purchase and download Director’s Cut. Surely you have not forgotten your US fans? I don’t really understand why I can’t find it on iTunes. If anyone has information (which I can’t seem to find in this day-and-age-of instant news) when Director’s Cut will be available for US please let me know via this post. Listening to it on NPR streaming sounds amazing. Can’t wait to own it. Thanks, ~Brion~

    • Rob't

      Brion– I ordered mine from AmazonUK and got it Saturday.

  9. Elizabeth

    Kate, I love you. Thank you for giving us this new album. You have brought so much joy to my life and with this album continue to do so— Elizabeth

  10. This demonstrates just how ‘cherished’ Ms Bush is among the British people . Three radio interviews chez Kate and a few on the phone do not amount to a promotion campaign, so the public have stepped in and promoted it themselves (aided by the www and media insiders such as Graeme Thomson).

    I really hope Kate realises that this is pure, unsullied affection in a deeply cynical age and takes a leap of faith and decides to play live once again. Just imagine ‘all the love we could have given’…

  11. kurt birsch

    Congrats to Kate and the DC Cast. Cinemascope for the ears.

    cheers Kurt

  12. Rocky

    Brilliant news, well done Kate! I am so pleased for Kate and her camp and it’s just worth mentioning that Kate has now had Top 10 albums in 5 consecutive decades – the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s and now the 10’s. Long may she continue! Love and Deeper Understanding Rocky xxx

    • john

      Has any other solo artist, either female or male achieved this? Technically there have been only 6 decades of album charts, making this a tough, ahem, record (sorry;-) to beat or equal.
      Answers on a postcard………

  13. Harry Horton

    I wonder what the final sales margin was on the first week between Adele’s album and Director’s Cut. I ventured on You Tube today and came across Adele’s songs and I was shocked to find a song of Adele’s : Rolling in the Deep, that had collected over 60 million views. Even more interesting, being from the south in the U.S.A. the temperment of the Adele song was southern gospel style and essence in large part. That is a style of music long familiar and originating from the southern U.S.A. paticularly from the black populations. I couldn’t find anything any where else that even came close to that number of hits on you tube.

  14. In the US and Canada, “Director’s Cut” is supposed to be released today.

  15. The Mighty Boosh’s Velvet Onion website did a degree of publicising DU and DC also.

  16. Alan

    It proves that Kate is still relevant in 2011, and that singles (in her case) no longer matter. I’m pleased. I was hoping she’d get a top 3 placing and she has. No. 2 is better than I expected.

    It’s appropriate it’s number 2 when both The Sensual World and The Red Shoes reached that position.

    Kate’s done more promotion for this than Aerial, and it’s clearly paid off.

  17. Millais

    This is a truly breathtaking piece of news! Congratulations to everyone involved in the making of ‘Director’s Cut’. Kate’s music is still cherished by so many people, and it is such a joy to be able to share this huge success with everyone out there. Keep running up that hill, Kate!

  18. John

    Is that it for another five plus years now?

  19. kennym

    It was awesome walking in to FOPP Covent Garden today and seeing DC so prominently displayed – alongside the vinyl edition… which of course I had to buy! £22 but worth it for the artwork alone. I’ll probably never play the vinyl…

  20. (realgonerocks)

    Absolutely love Kate Bush – have almost worn out copies of ‘Sensual World’ over the years, but I’m just not feeling these new recordings. Sorry.

    On the plus side, I always felt less affinity with ‘The Red Shoes’, but ‘Director’s Cut’ has made me re-approach and re-listen to ‘The Red Shoes’ with a new sense of joy.

    Hope the fortcoming album is full of magic, whenever it appears.

  21. Rob

    In answer to the above question, in the end Adele sold just over 51,000; Director’s Cut sold just over 34,000.
    (For interest, Lady Gaga has sold 94,000 this week already, so will definitely dethrone Adele on Sunday. Shame KB couldn’t quite make it)

  22. Not to be a wet blanket, but over here Stateside I still can’t get the album, I went to the local record shop and they said the release had been pushed back to the 31st? Are any other yanks having this problem. It finally turned up on itunes but strangely not in the new release spot. It’s like it’s invisible. Any reason for the logic behind a staggered released date?

  23. For the above comment, I have no idea, but I too have to wait even more than usual (I’m from Mexico) in order to finally get my album from Amazon – I bought the special box set edition with the art work and everything – and it’s still yet to be shipped soon. *sigh* But whatever, the important thing is that Kate made it to No.2 and that’s what matters! Kind of mad that Adele is taking all the points up there….ugh

  24. Simon De Marco

    Well done Kate. I received my pre-ordered copy last week and have not stopped playing it! Following its success, I would love to have Director’s Cut 2 (and 3 and 4) with re-worked versions of more classic songs. Plus a new album of course. :-))))))))

  25. Harry Horton

    Tuesday May 24, 2011, as the Directors Cut begins to move from away from its debut and debut coverage in the media, of last week, at that, several fairly good and thoughtful articles continue to roll in off the internet covering its songs and overall substance. Here are some recent articles:
    (1) Adele holds off Kate Bush on album’s chart – MOnday May 23, 2011 Alan Jones -Music Week. THe article is an in depth analysis of Directors Cut alongside the other releases of past week. Hugh Laurie’s inital album entry into the music world is cited with sales info. Adele’s labelmates: Friendly Fire and their work Pala is covered along with the Danger Mouse / Danielle Luppi collaboration. Also other areas reported on too in May 16th -23 week of music in the UK.
    (2) Adele Kept Kate Bush from making it to the top of UK album charts – Sophie Eager May 23, 2011 13:40 GMT Monsters and Critics.
    (3) Kate Bush QUotes…Joyce; Danger Mouse goes to Rome: Rock CDs.
    (4) Pitbull tops U.K. Singles charts; Kate Bush album debuts at No. 2 – Paula Sexton, London May 23, 2011 9:09 EDT
    (5) Sorry, Kate Bush! Adele maintains that number one spot! – Perez Hilton.

    Finally, fully well written piece with autobiographical references and info interspersed within the article from the Village Voice here at day’s end on Tuesday. Came in at around 5:00; p.m. EDT.
    (6) Kate Bush’s Rework – Village Voice- Rich Juzwiak – Wednesday May 23, 2011.

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