Dutch fans enjoy EMI album launch party!

Pictures and reports on the Director’s Cut album launch party in Amsterdam here.


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3 Responses to Dutch fans enjoy EMI album launch party!

  1. Well, it’s available already in The Netherlands, so I bought it this morning, and listened to it with as much an open mind as possible…
    My first impression – and I’ll put it mildly – is that there isn’t a single song on the album that I prefer over the original. And that’s a very, VERY bad thing for a project such as this.

  2. GER says:

    I.ve been also to the launch party and I enjoyed it from the beginning till the end…@noud and EMI thanks for everything,,it was a pleasure to see so many KATEbeloved people there,,
    afther being welcomed we listen to the album and afther that the dutchKATE did a marvoules performance,MAAIKE thXXX, everybody was so impressed of your voice,,it was so quiet that you can hear a mousse running,,;-) dutch saying ( and saw it to haha), Cecile, you know what I mean,haha
    I personally never saw the tour but I closed my eyes and picture myself back in 79,,,lovely feeling it was. afther the party I went to my hotelroom and put some candlelight on and a bottle of wine and mhmm yesss chocolate ,and listening to Director’s Cut I thought I was in HEAVEN,,,KATE thXXXXXso much,,
    Everybody please ENJOY DC,,,I think of it as a complete new album,,hope you do it to
    love GER

  3. toutatis2@gmail.com says:

    I was there aswell, bought the Deluxe Edition that night and the CD hasn’t left my CD player yet. I really love the album. And although it is a new album in everyway, it still feels strangely familiar. I love the whole project and thank Kate, EMI and Fame for making this Launch night a special night, one to remember.

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