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Music Week: A Pretty Strange Album Concept

Ben Cardew in Music Week doesn’t quite know how to react to Directors Cut:

On its own merits, then, Director’s Cut is a strong album. But it’s hard to know exactly who it will appeal to: if you don’t know the original songs, it is impossible to appreciate the subtle re-work that Bush has done; if you do know them, you might not necessarily want an update …


Director’s Cut reviews: Times, RTE…


Dutch fans enjoy EMI album launch party!


  1. giulio

    What a strange review.
    When Kate Bush releases an album, the only thing you should do is listen to it.
    And enjoy it. All the ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ don’t matter…. feel it, Ben, possibly in silence and
    with your eyes closed. You’ll feel the beauty of it, like a flow. 🙂

  2. Oh my! Ben is trying too hard to sound intelligent. I hope he didn’t hurt himself : (

  3. here

    ben is spot on. this is the best review i’ve read yet.

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