Kate enters the GLOBAL album chart at number 7!!

Several chart sites are featuring this remarkable placing – Director’s Cut has entered the global album chart at number 7!! Congratulations yet again to everyone at Fish People!

The album has gone Top 40  in the following countries: UK (number 2), Czech Republic (number 4), Ireland (number 4), the Netherlands (6), Germany (11), Sweden (12), Norway (17), Switzerland (23), Poland (28), France (34), Austria (35) and New Zealand (38).

Global album chart

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9 Responses to Kate enters the GLOBAL album chart at number 7!!

  1. Vibesinthesky says:

    Fantastic, but there again I’m not at all surprised, it’s a great album from a great artist!

  2. Paul says:

    OMG, this is awesome!!!

  3. giulio says:

    It’s nice to see out there there are a number of people, fans, followers who have been waiting patiently….
    Kate Bush music is a wonder, a pleasure.
    This new album is so ……….. 😉 BEAUTIFUL

  4. Izzy says:

    It entered Polish Charts at number 28. http://olis.onyx.pl/listy/index.asp?lang=en

    And we can vote for DU AND Lily http://lp3.polskieradio.pl/notowania/

  5. Kate Bush don’ t make sucsess in Brazil for a reason: she don’t pay “Payolla” for the D.J.’s

  6. Tom says:

    I may be the minority here, but I listened to the album on IPR and it did not really move me. I have no objection to an artist revisiting old material; the new vocal of Wuthering Heights was my first exposure to Kate and I have been hooked ever since. But this album does not grab me by the throat like her earlier works.

    Still, I am very happy for Kate’s success. Just because I do not like the album does not mean it is not a good album; it is just not to my tastes.

  7. Ritchie says:

    1 week later it’s down to # 26 and it seems she’s doing Her stuff again. Our Kate had knocked loudly on the door of # 7 rousing us from our slothfulness. With our minds all a jumble with opinions being aired & reviews being written & comments being made Our Kate with little fuss or fanfair nonchalantly leaves the charts and the drugery of it all to continue doing things Her way in Her own good time. I feel all fuzzy & warm inside with the knowlege that I have contributed to global sales resulting in Director’s Cut reaching # 41 in Australia & # 7 globally. Well done Kate & well done Us.

  8. Gio Willis says:

    Kate is a great artist, I like this album but some songs do not benefit from the rearrangements. I think Kate has made some money to spend on a much better new album

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