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And currently the biggest selling album in Tower Records Dublin is…

Tower Records, Dublin, June 1st 2011


Kate enters the GLOBAL album chart at number 7!!


Dublin Gazette reviews Director’s Cut “a wonderful thing”


  1. Yay! On another note, I’m thrilled to see a Tower Records still operating somewhere. When the one in Piccadilly Circus in London closed, a bit of my soul went with it.

  2. Yes Sean, I bet it took a while to move them all up to No.1 and swap the stickers around…

    Seriously, that is a good sight to see – seeing the album at No. 2 in my local HMV cheered me, esp when I saw at least 3 people walk up and take a copy – inc one couple who even did the whole ‘ooh, Kate Bush, haven’t listened to her in ages – oh, we must buy that’ routine.

  3. Pat Gleeson

    Great ! Tower is my favourite record store in Dublin .

  4. Harry Horton

    The album Director’s Cut looks like it is selling well in Ireland. I was wondering how Kate Bush’s sheet music sells though. Or how important is it in the commercial vein of things, these days alongside CDs and albums. The reason I ask, Would this web site display the sheet music of her songs, the actual writing of her songs to copy off from. I would love to play some of her music on piano by copying it off the internet. But I guess that is asking too much. I’ll have to find a music store for the sheet music. Perhaps.

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