Some Wild Man updates…

Kate as Tibetan Girl

Kate in Tibetan mode (2011)

Facebook, Twitter and our own forum heaped praise in a big way on Kate’s new single yesterday. As we reported, full details on single downloads can be found on Kate’s official site here. If you haven’t heard it, get the magnificent full album version! Kate’s timing in releasing the single on the same day that the Yeti once again made international headlines is making people (including us) brush up on their Yeti lore. Uncanny.

On his Facebook page, Del Palmer has revealed the musicians featured on Wild Man; Kate: Synths and Fender Rhodes, Steve Gadd: Drums, John Giblin: Bass, Dan McIntosh: Guitars, Andy Fairweather-Low: Backing vocals, Del Palmer: Temple bells. The track was recorded by Del and mixed by Steve Tayler (they are now calling themselves the Snowmen!).

Here’s another great review of the single from Digital Spy, and another review from The Upcoming. The Huffington Post describe the single as “classic Bush, all ghostly orchestration and pinched vocals…” Finally, fans on this site’s forum have been trying to decipher the lyrics, and we have the following map of locations mentioned in the song, courtesy of Robb McCaffree (thanks Robb!).

Wild Man location map

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11 Responses to Some Wild Man updates…

  1. Looked up some of the words when researching Yeti/Wild Man and some of the words she says are different versions of the same word in different languages. Attention to detail is amazing with Kate!

  2. Mark says:

    Still no reason why Wild man hasn’t been released in the US yet? (Or if it ever will?)

  3. And very timely! I love the track, the flanged guitar and the chords over the choruses remind me of DWBMA, my favourite Kate track.

  4. Karin (Belgium) says:

    I feel like I’m traveling around the world with Kate. An amazing journey. Egypt, Russia, Ireland, England … now India … next Lake Tahoe … lovely lovely lovely Kate

  5. Pekka says:

    Thanks for the round-up! Go, yeti, go!

  6. Barbara says:

    Mark, I’m guessing that Anti in the US don’t do singles. Pity Fish People/EMI don’t either.

    • Mark says:

      It’s still not on there. I’m using my I-tunes money for other songs. Fish people could have wrote: “Unforunately, due to Kate being signed to Anti Records, the wild man single will not be available in the US. We have no control over this and we apologize for any inconvience.” But no.

  7. giulio says:

    Wonderful song.
    Another peak.
    Thankyou Kate

  8. Eric says:

    A shame that we here are the only ones talking about the single NOT being available in the USA. No word from Fish People, Anti Records or even Kate Bush via Facebook, etc.
    Really to bad. Letting the air out of the sails for us here when we should be sharing in the love and the Pull-of-the-Bush!

    • Mark says:

      Agree Eric. I have given up on the single. Now I can only hope that the album will be released on November 21st, instead of the two week delay we got for Director’s cut.

  9. Fragecat says:

    I read that picture of Kate as “Kate in Taliban mode” for a moment there.

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