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Wild Man available to buy online now!!!

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Kate’s new single “Wild Man” is now available for purchase from the following retailers and countries. Click here to see a list of shops that currently have the forthcoming album 50 Words For Snow available for pre-order.

iTunes: Australia |Austria | Belgium | Denmark | Finland | France | Germany 

Greece | Ireland | Italy | Luxembourg | Mexico | Netherlands | New Zealand 

Norway | Portugal | Spain | Sweden | Switzerland | UK

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NME review Wild Man: “her strongest single for decades”


Some Wild Man updates…


  1. No America? Sigh.

    • MirrorGirl

      It’s well after midnight on 11 November. Where is the damn single? iTunes still does not even list it as pending on its U.S. site. What is the deal???

      By the way, the song is gorgeous and mysterious and just gets better every time I hear it (catch the full version on Disco Naivete).


      • Eric

        Yes, where indeed is the US single??? There are so very many of us here in the States anxiously awaiting our very own single!

        • Mark

          Yes, I am waiting too! I wish fish people would say something. I went to I-tunes this morning and nothing. I expected it to be there by noon but still nothing. There have been comments on the facebook page about this. I hope the album will still be released here.

    • in2insight

      Emails to Fish People and Anti-Recordes have yet to be answered.
      So much for music not having borders…

      • Mark

        If you were the ones who sent emails then I commend you.

        • in2insight

          Yep, it was me. Still no answer from either. Makes me understand bit torrent users a bit better. Record labels have so little respect for the consumer.

    • Why do I keep bothering to get up in the morning and check iTunes and Amazon for this single? I think it’s really a slap in the face of U.S. fans–quite a large number of us not to mention the U.S. press that’s heaping praise on this single–that we can’t get either version.

      Just considering population sizes, surely there are more people in the U.S. who’d buy “Wild Man” than the number of people buying it in Finland and the Netherlands! This is not good.

      • Mark

        Yes I was checking constantly but now I’ve stopped. Maybe fish people thinks more people in America will buy the album when they can’t get wild man anywhere else.

  2. Harry Horton

    I guess there are two wild something songs on the interent these days, Kate Bush’s Wildman and the Troggs Wildthing. Wildthing was released in 1966 (though I believe it actually jumped parole) by Fontana Records by the English band the Troggs and seems to be a song that occasionally appears on the juke box at 2:00 a.m. in smoky bars as they close down. I had this image of Kate Bush in her Wuthering Heights video (the one with her in red dress on the moors) as she sings Wildthing. Maybe some lyrical changes like ‘Wildthing you make my liver sing’ that would make it more conducive to the bar scene crowd. Oh dear I don’t know where I ‘m going with this, I’ll leave it at that……

  3. OMG. i just bought WILD MAN… what a great and epic song. Timeless. It’s time for a change from Pisces to Aquarius… and the Yeti shows the way

  4. Harry, your imagining of Kate singing ‘Wild Thing’ made me laugh – but who would play the ocarina solo? My vote is for Bill Bailey.

  5. kurt birsch

    Yay – just purchased from itunes australia.
    Now to play it forever 🙂
    cheers Kurt

  6. Harry Horton

    Well I think I found the most important internet site that features the Kate Bush song Wildman. The web site “Disco Naivete tumblr” offers the full 7:16 minute version of Wildman and its quality is infinitely more sharper and colorful than the radio edit version found on all the other web sites. A quote from the article: “A radio edit was played on BBC 2 a couple of minutes ago, but here is the 7:16 minute album version for your streaming pleasure.” End quote. THe Huffington Post article: “‘Wildman’ : From Kate Bush’s ’50 Words for Snow’ (video)” Huffington post, this article can direct one to the Disco Naivete tumblr web site with the more sharper version of the song in its entirety.
    Other articles carrying the Wildman release:
    “Check Out: Kate Bush – “Wildman” – Consequence of Sound.
    “Jubilate: Kate Bush is Back” Lucy Jones, the Telegraph.
    “Kate Bush Single Plans “Wild Man’ due on OCtober 11th” Clashmusic.
    ANother Kate Bush article: “Kate Bush is back…and working with Elton?”

  7. Jeff

    … deserves massive airplay !
    … video coming soon ?
    ( it’s been on repeat-play, all day )

  8. Can’t believe this isn’t available in the U.S. yet. What’s wrong with this picture?

  9. kaiffari

    …just can´t sleep…too excited. in finnish itunes at 4 0´clock in the morning already at the pos. 40…. it surely will be number 1.

  10. Stephen Kennedy

    Got up early today to hear the first play of Wild Man on the Ken Bruce radio show. It’s beautiful and awesome at same time!! Could be her second UK No.1, I live in Canada so I am just waiting for the digital release on itunes. Can’t wait for the Album in November!!!!!

  11. Josh

    Canada iTunes has it too. And the 7+ minute album version as it’s b-side.

  12. Eric

    The basic rhythm works like a mantra. Fits perfectly in this Tibetian atmosphere. One of the many reasons why this is such a great song.

  13. another swede

    Kate must have been doing some trecking in the Himalayas, the influences in the song, the tibetan dress.She must have been realy inspired by the buddhist culture and landscapes of these realms.Still the song does not sound corny or new-age bookstore background, its magic!!!!!

  14. in2insight

    Once again, the US fans have to wait.
    Why is that?
    Not on nor iTunes here.

  15. Alan, Dublin ireland

    Beautiful song, almost playful and yet sad and mystical in some ways, not unlike the Yeti…….
    Seriously though, beautiful music and can’t wait for this album, I still can’t believe sometimes how excellent this woman is after all these years……….then again, once a genius, always a genius…….. Stunning.

  16. That’s great to hear. But the rest of the world cannot even buy it. That’s why if I could, I’d vote for the physical release.

    Nevertheless, the song seems to be a Prelude to an Epic album.

    • Still holding out – have to keep running across the room and turning the radio off. Am avoiding everyone I know who likes Kate’s music and all sites where it might be playing.
      The excitement is wonderful to hear,but I’m going for the full gourmet experience rather than the hors d’oeuvre

      • ARoseGrowingOld – You are my hero! I know I wouldn’t make it anyway… And I don’t regret it now! There’s just SO MUCH in this one song to think of, to dig out and to enjoy that the 21st November doesn’t look so scary at all. I listened to Wild Man more than 100 times now. Still discovering something new. And I can’t get enough of it. Probably now even Amazon is wondering why so many people are buying books on yeti and the Himalayas…

        But I wish you luck with avoiding the Yeti 🙂 It’s getting harder every day… Or maybe the worst is over now. Ca. 40 days left. 🙂

        The good news is this time people didn’t complain that much about Kate releasing something (still can’t believe it happened before). That’s just great! She wins again.

        Take care.

        • Yeti???!? What, this one?

          Oooh – first Fish People, now Yeti – Kate’s a Patrick Troughton fan!!!

          Is there a track on the album called ‘Tomb of the Cybermen’?

          • :))

            Wow, Doctor Who has been there already! Yes, that’s the one, that’s the Wild Man! Fish, dolphins, Yorkshire terriers… and now yetis? Well, that wouldn’t be THAT surprising, would it?

            I don’t know about the ‘Tomb of the Cybermen’, but if there’s a B-side to the physical release, that might be it! You never know with Kate…

          • P.S. Sorry if I spoiled your fun! The yeti rumour concerning the song is quite old now! So it wasn’t a big surprise at all.

  17. Tim

    Great track and gets better and better with each listen!
    Hope it’s a huge success for Kate

  18. Aaron Levi

    Once again, Kate has not disappointed me musically: the song is absolutely beautiful. I do feel a bit left out in the cold, when it comes to the digital download. Does America really not get a chance to download it now? That is really harsh. It’s quite hard, for a devout Kate fan to take, but I guess I will have to wait…

  19. Simply beautiful………..

  20. John Harbinger

    Wild Man – Classic Kate. The same bonkers energy of The Dreaming and the accomplished classical arrangement of Hounds of Love. The authenticity of Kate’s emotionally charged vocals and lyrics provokes compassion and a feeling of vunerability to the avid listener. Kate Bush is the finest of our generation a great classical composer/musician.

  21. Karl Cleveley

    I hate the ‘Wild Man’ single…just like that remix version of ‘Deeper Understanding’…its boring! Kate has finally lost the plot!

  22. Harry Horton

    The video Wildman that has the researchers coming across the yeti in the snowy night of the himalayas has some fairly rich themes and visuals in it. The researchers suddenly in an anxious state get into the truck and head down the mountain road with the yeti in a ferocious state chasing them near video’s end. Its a refreshing break for kate Bush and has similarities with the wild running uninhibited spirit themes of Heathcliff and Cathy in Wuthering Heights. I guess on a more humourous note, in regards to the above researcher escape scene from the Wildman video, another Wildsomething song from the 1960’s :Steppenwolf’s Born to be Wild had some lyrics in it: “Get your motor running, head out on the highway….born to be wild”. Similar to wildman’s chasing the anxious researhers as they speed down the himalayan snow overed road escaping wildman’s chase.

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