Wild Man single to get first play on BBC Radio 2 on Monday!

From Kate’s official site: On Monday 10th October Ken Bruce will be broadcasting the worldwide exclusive of Wild Man. A radio edit of Kate’s new single will be played on BBC Radio 2 (88-91FM) during Ken’s show just after 11am UK time. More at the BBC Radio 2 site here.

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11 Responses to Wild Man single to get first play on BBC Radio 2 on Monday!

  1. giulio says:

    I am happy. Really floating on clouds.

  2. John H says:

    I’m so thrilled to hear that there is a single – always the best way to let people know a new album is coming.
    Hopefully a couple of airplay hits before Xmas!
    Loving this project so far x

  3. noodle says:

    Woohoo I am off work that day so will make a cuppa, lie back and enjoy the première!

  4. kurt birsch says:

    I will tune in to Ken on BBC2 online from the other side of the planet as Wild Man makes it’s debut.
    And the live traffic updates for the M1 are always useful and enlightening.

    cheers Kurt

  5. Harry Horton says:

    Over the past week, it has been fascinating to overview the many music web stations that already have ‘Wildman lyrics’ posted in their web sites, even though the lyrics have not been released yet. Typing in Kate Bush wildman lyrics on google will flash up the numerous sites waiting for the arrival of the song on the airwaves, so at such point of time the lyrics will become available to the web sites.
    THe following articles off the internet are of some interest:
    “Happy Birthday to Pretenders Chrissie Hynde!” Broward Palm New Times September 7, 2011.
    “Pantheon: CHrissie Hynde is no peasant”
    “Hynde still not comfortable with fame” February 06, 2011.
    “Joan Jett: Celebrating 30 years of Loving Rock n’roll” 10.06.2011. Joan Jett interestingly is the same age as Kate Bush, 53 that is. Joan Jett also has a birthday within three weeks of Chrissie Hynde. Joan Jett’s birthday is Septemebr 22, while Chrissie Hynde ‘s birthday is in early September.

  6. Can anyone contact Ms Kate Bush and tell her to do no interviews,she is a master of saying nothing interesting while being lovely about it.
    Also the cover art for 50 words for snow is dreadful,almost as bad as the cover art for the”mere remixes”of The Directors Cut.The only Kate Bush cd I do not/cannot paint to.
    Why doesnt she do like she says in interviews and just make brilliant music and leave being famous for being famous to The Kardashians.

  7. Mark says:

    Now I’m excited! Lot’s of Kate this year, I’m very happy.

  8. Keith says:

    How wonderful that this broadcast will NOT be available in my area. Also means I won’t be able to come around to this site for a bit so I can avoid the reactions.

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