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Don’t forget! Wild Man premiere today, 11am UK time, BBC Radio 2!

Wild Man premiere

Listen live at the BBC Radio 2 site here


Wild Man single to get first play on BBC Radio 2 on Monday!


NME review Wild Man: “her strongest single for decades”


  1. Andrew McMichael

    It’s ten past eleven.. Get on with it!!

  2. MrGneiss

    I loved it!! 😀

  3. MirrorGirl

    Stayed up to hear it. Very unusual! Completely different from anything she’s done before. I can’t wait to hear it again and really listen. So looking forward to the album. Thank you for making it possible to hear the first ever public playing of Wild Man!

  4. Thierry Pommier

    Just fantastic ! So beautiful…

  5. Gio Willis

    heard it…. it is a very good single.

  6. Michael

    A proper, atmospheric song from Kate Bush. Yay!

  7. another swede

    She has power in her voice, she should use it, i am not to sure about this…..I mean about a wildman and everything but maybe the album will prove me wrong.

  8. Radioorange

    Like what I’ve heard. Needs a proper listen

  9. BillHartford

    Simply beautiful:-)) one of her best single and one of her most unusual tune…still didn’t know what it’s about…love ya kate

  10. fredo

    here’s the full listen at naivite:

  11. Brian

    Love it. Atmospheric, sad and sexy all at the same time!

  12. Alan, Dublin Ireland

    Beautiful song, love it, love the vocals, has a very early KB feel to it, I have a feeling this album is going to be amazing!

  13. kurt birsch

    It’s a fantastic song. Andy is brilliant. Production is brilliant.
    Was expecting something like Lyra perhaps, so Wild Man is a wonderful surprise.
    And Kate is amazing as ever.
    Love it!
    cheers Kurt

  14. dreamtimetk

    That’s fantastic to say the least!! Love it!! 🙂

  15. Love the instrumentation on this one. Full of very exotic rhythms. What a shame it won’t be available as a proper single. Here it is officially on YT:

  16. Neil

    About 10 listens later I am totally in love with this track. Thank you once again Kate – it’s always lovely to hear your voice.

  17. Erin

    I am so happy! The song is absolutely stunning!!

  18. kaiffari

    love it. already on itunes in Finland :::) over 7 minutes of pure joy :::)))

  19. kennym

    Loved it within the first 2 seconds. Beautiful, organic and exotic. Great vocals and on listening to it a few times more I keep hearing snippets of tracks from all through Kate’s career. This is classic Kate Bush and I’m not sure how I’m going to manage through until the whole album is released. Brilliant! Utterly brilliant. Hmmmmm yes!

  20. kaiffari

    …and also just read from YLE todays news in Finland: According to Russian authority the Snowman is real…they have found FOOTPRINTS in a cave from Russia…. Makes me even more happy :::)))

  21. Harry Horton

    The Wildman song has a blues like character to it, and Kate Bush’s vocal style is also similar to Leonard Cohen. Interestingly the Eckankar work on the internet: The Far Country Full text, about the teachings of a spiritual journey with an Eck Master Rebezar Tarz takes place in the Himalayas too and is a good book to read along with listening to Wildman. The Himalayas most likely are a way station for the soul to travel into the higher planes of God, so this spiritual backdrop of this mountainous region serves as a background for Kate Bush’s Wildman.
    In anycase, other internet sites that have the WIldman single and an accompanying article as of Octobe 10, 2011 1:00 p.m. EDT here in the US:
    “Listen ot the New kate Bush single” Pitchfork
    “Kate Bush premiers new single ‘wildman’ — listen” Digital Spy.

  22. Rob Hogendoorn

    Exquisite. I feel privileged.

  23. giulio

    There’s no-one else like Kate Bush.
    This new gem in music proves, once again, how talented
    this Artist is.
    Once again I say THANKYOU Kate

  24. Pim Derks

    Can anyone make out the chorus lyrics?

  25. Rob Hogendoorn

    Complete lyrics, as per The Forum:

    They call you an animal
The Kanchenjunga Demon
Wild man
Metoh, Kangmi

    Lying in my tent
I can hear your cry
Echoing ’round the mountainside
You sound lonely

    While crossing the Lhakpa La
Something jumped down from the rocks

    In the remote Garo Hills by Dipu Marak

    We found footprints in the snow

    The schoolmaster of Darjeeling said
We saw you by the Tengboche monastery
You were playing in the snow
You were banging on the doors
You climbed up on the roof
Roof of the world
You were pulling up the rhododendrons
Loping down the mountains

    They want to know you

    They will hunt you down

    Then they will kill you

    Run away, run away

    Run away

    While crossing the Lhakpa La
Something jumped down from the rocks

    In the remote Garo Hills by Dipu Marak
We found footprints in the snow

    We found your footprints in the snow
We brushed them all away

    From the Sherpas of Annapurna
To the Rinpoche of Qinghai
Shepherds from Mount Kailash to Himachal Pradesh

    Found footprints in the snow

    You’re not a langur monkey,

    Nor a big brown bear
You’re the wild man

    They say they saw you drown

    In the Rongbuk glacier

    They want to hunt you down

    You’re not an animal

    The lamas say
You’re not an animal

  26. Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I don’t know what I as expecting but this was not it… once again Kate’s come up trumps with something that will grow and grow… i’ve got to be up for work in under 3 hours but I had to download it at midnight!

  27. Derk

    My first thinking was: hope that her singing is not ‘gone that way’on the whole new album.

    • Rob Hogendoorn

      A sing-song way of speaking as the lead vocal, you mean? For the sake of effect? Like Bob Dylan’s dreaded “upsinging”, perhaps?

      I can’t imagine Kate Bush being satisfied with just that. And to me the bridges and choruses show no detectable problems with her voice.

      Neil Young sometimes uses the ‘sing-song speaking’ technique too, albeit sparingly.

      Sophie Zelmani comes to mind as well. I got the impression, though, that her singing voice lacks volume ‘naturally’, as a part of her temperament.

      • Derk

        Well, I think it can be a choice to sing that way and yes, probably it is Kate’s interpretation of some kind of a ‘Neanderthaler’, but for me it’s not very beautiful.
        And also this first impression reminds me of the singing on DC, especially Flower of the mountain. There are some ‘loopings’ in it wich I found very disapointing. I thought: Maybe she had to take some classical singing lessons.
        Are you Dutch?

        • Rob Hogendoorn

          Ja, I’m Dutch, from Maasland, near Rotterdam. The Swedes just beat us, 3-2 🙁

          Kate did mention earlier that the singing in a lower register opened up whole new dimensions for her. I’d expect some further vocal explorations on “50 Words…”

    • Mike

      Yeah this was also my initial thought: I hope Kate will stun me with her voice. “Wild Man” is a good song but I’m not that deeply impressed yet.

  28. I’m a wee bit miffed that it’s not available as a CD single, but I’ll hold on for the album.

  29. cwg

    wow, this one was certainly a grower… i’m completely taken and falling deeper with every listen… it’s PERFECT this time of year as the air “crispens” and the leaves fall… i sense him just around that bend… ohhh kate, how you transport me…

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