“Hooray!” Kate says a “huge thank you” to everyone on the chart success of 50 Words For Snow!

From Kate’s official site this evening:

A thank you from Kate

From Kate… I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has embraced  ’50 Words For Snow’ with such warmth and positivity. I am totally blown away by the response to the album and am so delighted with the chart position of No 5 today. Hooray!

Thanks to everyone who has contributed:  Del Palmer for all his really great work throughout the recording process and his input during the mixing. To Stephen Tayler for his invaluable work on the mixes and to Stanley Gabriel who assisted us. To all the wonderful musicians especially Steve Gadd for the incredible feel he has brought to the whole piece, to Danny for his beautiful guitars, to dearest Bertie for his fantastic performance and for all his enthusiasm, to Jonathan Tunick for his gorgeous orchestrations and to John Giblin, Danny Thompson and all the guests who have brought their special energies into the music. To everyone on the team who have done such a terrific job and most of all to all of you who take it into your homes and your hearts and make me feel so privileged to have my work received with such love.

Many thanks,
Kate x

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40 Responses to “Hooray!” Kate says a “huge thank you” to everyone on the chart success of 50 Words For Snow!

  1. Del Palmer says:

    This message, in a nutshell, sums up why I and so many others have continued to work with Kate for over thirty years!!… I hope very much to continue this association for as long as possible…

    • Mike McAnaspie says:

      I hope you do too Del. Thanks so much for the beautiful music – Kate is blessed, and so are we.

    • Aaron Davy says:

      Thanks to you too Del! Your name is one that I have also become ‘familiar’ with over the last number of decades, as I have sat in my lounge (in New Zealand) pouring over the sleeve artwork and production notes while listening to Kate’s albums gone by. Thank you also for your part in providing such a wonderful soundtrack to our lives.

      Such a great community, that this website has hosted. Thanks to you all.

    • Artists tend to be difficult and fractitious people. For Kate to have earned the respect and goodwill of so many other great artists and performers says a huge amount about:
      1) Her talent
      2) Her personality

  2. JAMES COLE says:

    Fab of Kate to think of us all! An excellent album and great to see that the experimental nature of some of the songs is appreciated. Of course Kate’s artistic integrity is more or less second to none and I’m sure she’ll continue to make the music she wants to. All the songs really strike a chord the more they are listened to.

  3. Mark says:

    Wow! Didn’t know you posted here, Mr. Palmer! Great Job on the album! I live in America and I bought the album through Amazon. (I can’t find any Kate albums in stores.) I really hope the album does well in the charts. Kate’s American fans love her!

    • Brandon says:

      I bought mine through Amazon as well. I am glad she signed with ANTI records this time for the American release, Amazon delivered mine on release day and I couldn’t have been more excited!

  4. Brandon says:

    That was really lovely of her to write that :). It made me so happy to read that message, and to know that she is aware of just how well this album has been received.

    This is my first “new kate bush album” since I became a fan three years ago. Well, second album, along with Director’s Cut. It will always be very special to me. We love you Kate Bush.

  5. Izzy says:

    My humble THANK YOU to Kate and everyone involved in creating the music that makes so many lives better every day.

  6. Vindrag says:

    Thank you Kate for all your music! I hope that you will release more albums! You are a great inspiration to me! /Daniel from Sweden

  7. Rod says:

    My goodness that is just such a lovely sentiment, it’s a very moving post, especially since we all feel really privileged to be able to hear the wonderful music that Kate creates, and that Del Palmer, and her whole team, help deliver to us.

  8. Mario says:

    You’re very welcome! You deserve the best for the celestial music and the happiness you bring into our lives. It’s a privilege to listen to your wonderful albums!
    PS “50 Words for Snow” is sold out in Rome…

  9. Congratulations to Kate, Del and the whole team. The album truly is a treasure.

  10. Nanette says:

    Thank YOU, Kate, Danny, Bertie, Del, Steve and everybody else for putting together such a great album.

  11. Jeff says:

    x, and xox back KB !
    ( at a local level, all your cds sold out in a week on the new-releases shelf at nearby hmv chain store, and they finally restarted a slot for you in the long-term shelves )
    – it made me smile inside
    (I AM so “feeling” this new album with the snow outside my window)

  12. antoni says:

    Here in Brazil we also love “50 Words For Snow”! Mine arrived right now :_) Obrigado, Kate!

  13. Brad Williams says:

    Thank you, Kate, for this beautiful new music… we love you here in America!

  14. Eric says:

    On the Croation coast, south of Dubrovnik, there is a place called Cavtat. The little church there is devoted to…….Our Lady of the Snow.
    Let’s all go there and say our prayer of Thank You to Kate and her team.

  15. giulio says:

    Thankyou Kate… you’re a true Artist.

  16. John Harbinger says:

    A remarkable album. Kate Bush a modern day Classic Composer.

  17. Gillian says:

    Kate’s music has been a huge part of my life ever since I saw her sing ‘Wuthering Heights’ on ‘Top of the Pops’. Many of her songs, mean so much to me and this album again will become a classic. Like an artist painting a picture, all the different brushstrokes in her songs come together into one masterpiece time after time. Please keep the music coming, Kate, and I look forward to your next album, and the next, and the next……!!!

  18. Eut (Holland) says:

    Thanks so much Kate and all musicians participating, for this amazingly beautiful piece of art. An exceptional year: 2011 has brought us 2 works of wonder and clearly shows just how blessed we are to enjoy this unique and gifted talent!

  19. Steve says:

    Absolutely my pleasure….an immersive and shimmering album!!!

  20. Gerard says:

    The Godess Of Wonder does it yet again. What a remarkable collection of songs. Kate I don’t know how you do it but please don’t ever stop. Love. G. Belfast.

  21. ReikiGlam says:

    Kate is a class act!

  22. Derek Hanlon says:

    As a devoted fan since I was 12 (I am now 45), this album will become the soundtrack to another chapter in my life. Like so many, I await each album with a kind of Christmas eve excitement! This new album is like a fabulous present, to be appreciated over a long time. I can’t wait for snow now!! Thank you Kate.

  23. Mark says:

    The album is number 83 on the billboard charts and number 7 on independent albums.

  24. Tim says:

    Thanks Kate, a wonderful album! I too have been a huge fan since the beginning and have bought all the albums;each one different and unique in their own way. Here’s to many more! p.s. WE are the privileged ones to be around to enjoy this wonderful artist and her music.

  25. Ed Kollin says:

    Can’t forget Elton’s vocals. FYI #83 on main Billboard 200, #13 on US Rock Chart #9,#7 on Alternative and Indie respectively. #7 in Germany. Whatever the chart position with the world so troubled Kate Bush coming back full bore to the scene was a well needed piece of good news , so thanks.

  26. Lee Walton says:

    Kate’s music has touched me deeply and been hugely inspiration in my life. During times when i needed a place to go – a kind of sanctuary, I would put on one of Kates albums- particularly The Sensual World, Hounds of Love, Ariel and now 50 words for snow, and I would get drawn into a world which would release me from my day to day concerns then place me back in the `real’ world, having felt that I had just visited a magical place which provided me with healing, spiritual inspiration and solace.

    Kate for me is a true artist, one with integrity, and one who searches in her own life, whilst sharing with us something of her journey. I am a clinical psychotherapist and a musician and I feel that Kate’s music explores the internal worlds within human beings whilst reaching to far greater and extensive realms;soulful and ethereal yet earthy and grounded. No other artist does the same for me.

  27. Bernard Low says:

    Thanks Kate, from Singapore, for your music. Have every one of your albums!

  28. karen says:

    Thank you kate for a wonderful album xxxx

  29. Kent says:

    Found my copy at London Drugs in Canada (had to ask for it, they had filed it with the Christmas albums. I felt compelled to correct them, but I don’t think they paid attention.)

    It’s under our little Christmas tree we bought from the same store on the same visit. (The “Every old sock meets an old shoe” canvas wouldn’t fit.)

    “You know that I’ll be waitin’…”

    Thanks, Kate, for a very merry Christmas.

  30. H.R. Hudson says:

    It’s very wonderful of Kate to have posted a “Thank You” message for the response to 50WFS.

  31. je vous aime . votre voix touche mon âme.

  32. Elizabeth says:

    Beautiful. I shed a tear at the last line. She makes my life full of wonder, marvel, and splendor, and I couldn’t imagine life without her music. Thank you, Kate.

  33. Derek D says:

    Thank you so much Kate, you are the Queen of British music. Lots and lots of love.

  34. Kent says:

    I can’t stop listening! I’ve been a fan for 30 years, and she’s got me speechless on this one, literally. Even more than Aerial, less occasion for me to “jump in”–I can usually sing along (at least in my head) but I don’t imagine that’s going to happen quickly, if at all, here. Just listen… It’s just beautiful, and Albert’s voice is exquisite as Snowflake (the First, or More Ephemeral; the Melting One.) Come to think of it, I’ve never liked a Kate album as much on so few listens. Hooray! Hooray indeed!

  35. Thorpe says:

    The cool weather is just starting to make itself felt here in Australia; I want to hold-off until winter to listen to 50 Words. Future generations will be able to enjoy Kate’s music but I feel lucky to be in this generation to experience her work as she’s creating it. Thanks for sharing Kate.

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