Huge billboard advertising 50 Words For Snow in West London

We like all those 4-snowflake reviews! Thanks to Jamie for the photos.

Billboard in West London advertising 50 Words For Snow

Billboard in West London advertising 50 Words For Snow

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9 Responses to Huge billboard advertising 50 Words For Snow in West London

  1. Oh my dear goth…! If I saw this on the street, someone would have to resuscitate me!

    Stunning, beautiful and majestic. I now know that Kate is the Snow Queen of this winter.

  2. Paul c says:

    Hi guys,
    It’s a real treat to see so much great info on the site lately, and special thanks to all on KBN for their infectious enthusiasm for Kate’s work!
    I’ve been lucky enough to recieve my copy of 50 words in the post today – as expected it’s a truly wonderful record. The only disappointment is the packaging – lots of great ice sculptures but not a single picture of Kate – not even the promo shots shown on your great site. Some new wintry pictures of Kate (and Bertie!) would have been great.

  3. Karen Newcombe says:

    Great billboard. Wish we had one here in Florida, it might cool down this ridiculous hot weather somewhat!

  4. Should have waited for the dailies:

    5* from Guardian, Independent and Express!!!!

  5. Yirry Yanya says:

    Wow. What a great moment it would have been for an unsuspecting fan to drive up to a road and suddenly see THIS….

  6. Lise Gerrard says:

    Want it as wallpaper in the living room ……. fabulous …….

  7. Will O says:

    Had I seen that as I was driving along, I would surely have crashed. What a FAB billboard! And wonderful to read all the glowing reviews of the album – Kate must be so pleased, and deservedly so.

    Thanks for posting the pics of this – I’ve been desperate to see it 🙂

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