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Last night, Kate posted her thoughts at the situation in Tibet on her official site (see news posting below). We’d like to urge you to visit the Stand Up For Tibet website here and sign the pledge to show your concern about the current self-immolations and the crackdown in Tibet. (With thanks to Mandie at International Tibet Network)

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Huge billboard advertising 50 Words For Snow in West London


“Album of the year? By a country mile. Absolutely essential”: Music


  1. Harry Horton

    More internet articles on the Chinese repression of Tibet’s cultural and social institutions. I hope the major powers in the world could lend a hand in securing an autonomous Tibet independent with respect to its cultural, religious and social ways of life. The following internet articles:

    (1)” History of TIbet/” The Chinese repressions are recounted by individual Tibetans in this article.
    (2) “So who cares about human rights in Tibet? Or Manipur?” Firstpost.
    (3)” Treasures of Tibet in Winter” English News Xinhua
    (4)”Horrifying image of Tibetan nun in flames on street in latest self- immolation protest against China” Gavin Allen.
    (5) “Tibetan Abbot blames immolations on policies” Wall Street Journal
    (6) “Viewpoint: Are Tibet burnings plot or policy failure?” BBC News Asia. Some compromises and consideration by the Chinese on laxing their repressive policies are addressed in this article.
    (7) Tibeat student wins RHodes Scholarship
    (8)” Dali Lama questions wisdom of self immolations” – Voice of America.
    (9) “Exiled Tibetan abbot rebukes China over Monk’s Troubles” New York Times.

    Also a couple of Kate Bush articles of recent note on the internet:
    (1) “Kiss me Kate”- Irish Independent
    (2) “Kate Bush 50 Words for Snow” – Music News – Andy Snipper.

  2. Harry Horton

    kate Bush has expressed interest in the Tibetan culture’s political struggles with the self immolations of monks in the Asian region country. THe following May 16, 2012 news article from the Associated Press as related through the Washington Post World section— goes as follows:
    “China airs documentary globally blaming Dalai Lama for self immolations in Tibetan region”. It is an interesting 2012 spring time article on the Tibetan issue. 50 words for Snow has some substantial Tibet themes contained within it.

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