Mistraldespair stop motion film segment to premiere on Kate’s site tonight!

Kate is premièring the second of three film segments from her new album at 7.30pm GMT at her official site. This is the first time that Kate has directed a stop-motion film. The film is titled ‘Mistraldespair‘ and she writes about the people and process behind the film at her site here. Each of the three films last about 2 and half minutes. We have already seen the film for Wild Man. Mistraldespair features part of the epic song, Misty. Enjoy!

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10 Responses to Mistraldespair stop motion film segment to premiere on Kate’s site tonight!

  1. davidly says:

    Deliciously creepy!

  2. Another Swede says:

    I rather connect this song with unhappy love because its so beautiful., This was not my cup of tea at all, ………But still adore you Kate

  3. J. says:

    I AM loving this new, un-rushed approach Kate et al are taking with these short animations (Mistral-, Wild-), they are NOT promos – just appetizers or enhancements to the immersive world KB gently invites us all into, inclusively.
    Whilst giving us plenty of room to fill in the rest of the tracks with our OWN imaginations.
    Bravo !
    (Looking forward to the next installment)

  4. giulio says:

    This animated motion picture’s absolutely brilliant and perfect
    to accompany this 2.25 edit, which – to my ears –
    sounds even more touching and ”essence” than the longer
    album version. This goes right to my heart.
    Fantastic Kate Bush

  5. Mandy says:

    Wonderful animation which I find almost unbearably painful to watch. The way he cries and begins to melt…leaving her totally alone.
    I know it’s not “real”..but oh dear, upsetting! 🙁

  6. MirrorGirl says:

    I found this animation piece to be too literal, and therefore too clumsy. I would have worked more abstractly myself, told the story through inference (or not at all–it’s such a strange idea in the first place; not a bad idea, just one that’s better left to the imagination), perhaps using the shadow puppets she seems to be using for Lake Tahoe. It just doesn’t come off, in my opinion, and when the snow lover starts to melt it’s really grotesque, and the distorted reality of that intrudes upon what should be a more subtle process, an almost metaphorical thing: the perfect lover who inevitably slips away, leaving nothing but a chill in the air. At least that’s what I think.

    • Mandy says:

      Interesting view, but it’s Kate’s song and therefore her interpretation. We can all evaluate it, and say we would have created something different, that’s the easy part. but would it have been better? I’m not so sure, it would simply have been different. I do agree that the snowman melting is grotesque though. I have watched it once- I cannot bring myself to watch it again.

      • MirrorGirl says:

        If you can only watch it once, it’s a problem (I feel the same way). I can’t even count how many times I’ve watched the videos for Breathing or Running Up that Hill. Of course she can do what she wants, but I was a bit surprised to see such a literal interpretation, although now that I think of it, I was surprised at how literal and unimaginative her Deeper Understanding piece was, too. Not everyone is good at everything. I am a filmmaker and as such, contribute to my sound design and soundtracks, but am hardly a genius in the studio. For excellence in that area I rely on others. I think a filmmaker would have dealt with the basic idea of this very differently.

        • Mandy says:

          I have no artistic talents at all (something I would have loved to have been gifted with)…but I do see your point, it is a problem, and I do feel a bit silly saying that I’m unable to watch a animation simply because I find it rather disturbing. But it’s a fact. You are right in stating too, that her films/videos do tend to be quite literal. Oh well, this animation won’t be on my list; to watch on a regular basis.

  7. ReikiGlam says:

    I’ve never liked Kate’s videos…however, Wild Man and Misty animations are exactly what I’d want from her if I could dictate what she did! I don’t like artists in videos – I think it’s trite. I don’t want to see someone lip-syncing their song…I want to see a story or a mini-film. These animations REALLY hit the spot. I’m just so impressed with where Kate is at now in her career…it’s like everything has been rehearsal for this time in her life.

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