Cloudbusting: Gigs for 2013

Cloudbusting were formed in Spring 2012 with the aim of performing live the uniquely beautiful music of Kate Bush. The band says: “We all know there can only be one Kate and no-one does it quite like her! At a Cloudbusting show you can expect all of the atmosphere, musical style and visual excellence of Kate Bush, faithfully recreated LIVE on stage…”

The band’s new year kicked off at Remedies Bar Taunton today and will continue on Saturday 16th February at The Palladium Club Bideford, Friday 29th March at the The Patriot Inn Crumlin, Thursday 9th May at the The Diamond Sutton-in-Ashfield, Friday 10th May at Huntingdon Hall Worcester, Saturday 1st June at the Cream Tea Charity Biker Run North Devon, Friday 12th July at The Tropic at Ruislip Middlesex, and 18th August (tbc) at the Tribfest Sledmore House Yorkshire. Other dates will follow.

On Saturday 13th April the band will perform on BBC Radio Devon’s John Govier Show.





Cloudbusting does Nocturne:



Further details, and sound and video clips on the band’s website here. You can also follow the band on Facebook.


About Peter

My Kate CV: Kate fan since 1978. Saw Tour of Life at the London Palladium 1979. Went to first KBC Convention 1980. Founded Homeground with Dave 1982. Worked on 1985, 1990, and 1994 Kate Bush Conventions, and the 1986 Video Party with Dave, Lisa of KBC and Krys. Appeared in videos for The Big Sky and Experiment IV. Wrote Introduction, Chronology and Discography for EMI Music Publishing's 1987 "Kate Bush Complete". Wrote the sleeve note for the remastered 1998 reissue of "Hounds of Love". Invited to write sleeve notes for other reissues which never happened. My other CV: born 1955 in Bermondsey London, educated at Galleywall Primary, Walworth Comprehensive, and London School of Economics BSc(Econ)(Hon) 1976. Currently an Officer of the Crown Court determining legal costs in crminal cases. Met Krys in 1982 through Homeground, we were engaged on Glastonbury Tor on Kate's birthday in 1983, and married in November 1984.
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7 Responses to Cloudbusting: Gigs for 2013

  1. Mark says:

    Good to see all these tributes!

  2. Lisa Oliver says:

    Hi all !
    New promo video for Nocturn – we have two more to add later. Hope you like it !

  3. Sky says:

    Huntington Hall? I’m impressed! xx

  4. nice1neil says:

    Can’t wait to see you guys in wales!

  5. Sharka says:

    Lovely performance – wish I were in England, so I could attend one of your gigs! However, every tribute to Kate also saddens me a bit, making me wonder how Kate would perform her own material today…

  6. nice1neil says:

    I have a spare ticket so if anyone wants to join me then click here for my telephone and address details –

  7. misfit says:

    I saw Cloudbusting last night in Oxford. Their Kate said it was like performing in her house. There was an intimacy one does not usually find at Oxford O2 since it changed from the Zodiac but it was there last night. I was dubious at first as I am a 90’s ska punk fan who just happens to also be a huge fan of Kate Bush so I was a little worried in case the songs were performed badly. I need not have worried they were very good and from someone who has played in a Free tribute act I do not usually like tribute acts but Cloudbusting I would recommend. I would have liked to have heard more of the earlier work such as Violin or Don’t push your foot on the heartbrake but they did play Wedding List and Hammer Horror which were a little obscure so that was brilliant. These are real fans passionate about Kate Bush. I even chatted to the drummer at the end of the night Kevin and he takes his parts very seriously, as well he should as one never knows who is listening, and Sat in your lap was like listening to Preston Heyman it was that good. I am passionate about drums and Kate Bush has always had excellent drummers and I think the drums really add weight to Kate Bush songs, more than one would realise. Listen closely to Top of the City and you will hear what I mean. Definitely go and see this band. Like Kate in 1979 which is the highest compliment I can give. If you like Kate Bush you will enjoy.

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