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New book on Kate’s influence on contemporary music

Symphony in Blue: Kate Bush and her legacy by Marta Oliehoek-Samitowska is a book about the huge influence Kate has had on those who have followed:

All kinds of artists cite her as a source of inspiration: young and old, mainstream and underground, male and female, coming from all the corners of the world and from very different music genres. The main purpose of this book is to discuss Kate’s uniqueness and her influence on the new generation of musicians together with some of the freshest and loveliest female artists around. And to celebrate female creativity in general.

Featuring contributions from more than 60 artists, including Heather Nova, Charlotte Martin, Marissa Nadler, Melissa auf der Maur, Marijne van der Vlugt, Shara Worden, Emily Bezar, Katharine Blake, Nona Marie Invie, Terami Hirsch, Priscilla Hernandez, Tara Busch, Mary Epworth, Heather Findlay, Emma Anderson, Emma Pollock, Noe Venable, Laura Groves, Jo Hamilton, Jenny Hval, Liv Kristine, Anja Garbarek, Jesca Hoop and Kate’s cousins Beck Sian and Sarah Daly.”

The book will be published at the end of February and more information can be found here.


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  1. Lise Gerrard

    This sounds like a fascinating and insightful book. Are there any ideas where it can be purchased? Say Amazon?

    Looking forward to reading it if I can manage to be hold of a copy 🙂

    • My guess is it will be Amazon. The book is due at the end of February, and as soon as we know we’ll pass it on.

  2. Mark

    I’ve never heard of any of those artists.

    • John

      What does that prove?

      I’m only really aware of two of the names on that list. Melissa Auf Der Maur was a guitarist with Hole and has two fantastic solo albums. I’m also a passing fan of Heather Nova who is nothing if not a competent songwriter. If the other names mentioned are of that caliber then their music would certainly be worthy of investigation regardless of their profile.

  3. Mark

    I wasn’t proving anything. Those names are not familiar to me.

  4. Andy

    Katharine Blake is the woman behind Miranda Sex Garden and Medieval Babes…Marissa Nadler is a fine youngish songwriter with a crystalline voice. On the whole, they do seem like relatively low profile artists, but that’s not for lack of talent.

    • Adrian

      I agree with your comment about Marissa Nadler and would add that Laura Groves, who released a very good album a few years back under the name Blue Roses, and Jesca Hoop, who’s released several good albums, are also worth listening to.

  5. Thank you for posting this information on your site!

    My book will be out next week.
    Right now I am waiting for all the hard copies to arrive.
    The book will be available via paypal; you can order it directly from me.
    For all the requests and questions, you can reach me at

    I would like to stress that all the interviews featured in this book have NEVER been puiblished before and have been held by me ESPECIALLY for this project!

    thank you!


  6. The book is out!
    Everyone who is interested, please contact me at:

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