Netherlands fan gathering at Efteling – May 25th

In the run up to the June 21st HomeGround Kate Bush party in London (read more here) some fans on Facebook have organised a relaxed meet-up at Efteling theme park in the Netherlands on May 25th. The park is famous among fans as the filming location of a Dutch Kate Bush television special in May 1978. Full details for the day are at this page here or join the organisers Facebook group here.

Yirry Yanya, the person behind the Efteling meet-up site, has recently won praise for this fan-made animation which they created based on Kate’s song Misty – check it out 🙂

[youtube width=”640″ height=”360″][/youtube]

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3 Responses to Netherlands fan gathering at Efteling – May 25th

  1. John says:

    Will there be a sensual walk to howth this summer by any chance?

    • Seán says:

      Hi John, this year looks like we’ll be taking a break from The Sensual Walk but I’ll be planning something very special again in 2014! I’ll be letting my hair down and getting my Kate on at the HomeGround Midsummer Party on June 21st instead!

  2. HarryHorton says:

    There was a you tube video with a woman sitting on a bench in a park in the morning, a Kate Bush fan and she made an interesting observation about kate Bush. She said Kate Bush wanted to write songs and give them to the world and if no one ever knew her name she would be happiest at that situation. If such situation could be achieved. Here on July 27, 2013 news has come: that the singer songwriter JJ Cale died of a heart attack at Scripps Hospital La Jolla california, 8:00 p.m. July 26 2013. In a CHicago Tribune article it was written: “In his bio, was asked if he was bothered that the contemporaries and critics list him among legends, and fans might love his songs yet not even know his name.” End quote. He responded not at all. JJ Cale accomplished evidently what Kate Bush would have wanted in her own career, the anonymity condition with his creating music and songs. THis need for anonymity or withdrawal from the world in artists is fascinating and its certainly not exclusive to Kate Bush as the JJ Cale info provides.

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