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Kate to release 10″ picture disc for Record Store Day! Running Up That Hill (2012 Remix) b/w Walk Straight Down The Middle!


Update: Kate’s official site has now announced that the number of discs has been increased to 4 thousand this year.  Two and a half thousand copies of these discs will be allocated to independent record stores in the UK and the rest will be distributed to independent record retailers around the world.

On Saturday April 20th, for the third year in a row, Kate is releasing a special 10″ vinyl single to coincide with Record Store Day. Following on from the Hounds of Love EP (2011) and Lake Tahoe/Among Angels (2012), this year Kate releases a 10″ vinyl picture disc of Running Up That Hill (2012 Remix) and Walk Straight Down the Middle from The Sensual World album. The lead track, with all-new vocal, was a UK number 6 hit for Kate in 2012 after it was prominently featured at the Olympics closing ceremony. No firm news yet on the number of singles being made available with this release, but we will update when we can. Zoetrope animation of the actual disc artwork courtesy of Kate’s official site. Read more at Kate’s official site here and at the Record Store Day website here.



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  1. Blackbird Braille

    Yay! This is very exciting. Now we just need to know how many copies…and which countries will be getting them!

  2. Kate Bush – busiest recluse in the business

    Whoop, whoop!

  3. Alberto

    This is not just a picture disc. The animation on the picture disc is brilliant. I am not sure if they are other example of animation on picture disc format but I know there are some example on vinyl.

    I have to get one!! This is a great item, thank you Kate!! 🙂

  4. Lise Gerrard

    Really exciting news. Now comes the fun of trying to find a local(ish) store that will be stocking it. Hoping you are placed well enough in the queue to get one & fretting about how much you will be fleeced for one on eBay if you aren’t lucky enough to get one on the day. Such is the life of a collector!

  5. Blackbird Braille

    Alas, the US will NOT be getting it. Bummer…

    The UK, Belgium, Netherlands, and Germany will. France also, 250 copies. Canada I have no information on.

  6. Mingus 42

    It would have been fun to see Kate running on the disc instead of that fish chap.

  7. Mark

    I’m not surprised that America will not be getting it. But of course I don’t have a record player so it’s no big deal.

  8. Kiki

    Beautiful, brilliant design! Sigh, another wonderful disc that I may never lay my hands (or eyes) on. Still, very happy that Kate is involved and enthusiastic. Cheers in advance to the lucky ones.

  9. Rod

    Super news, and what a super looking disc. Running up/Walking Down, nice symmetry.

  10. John

    I hope the record stores have learnt their lesson this year and press their exclusives in large enough quantities so the fans that want to give them money to help their struggling businesses will actually be able to.

    Or perhaps they won’t have learnt anything from the fiasco of previous years and actually think it’s a good gimmick to mess music fans about, whilst helping dealers to profit, and then have the nerve to continue to wonder why no one wants to go to their shops anymore.

    What do you think guys?

    • John,

      I completely agree with you 100% and that’s why I’m walking away from this year’s release and not bothering at all. I know how these “businesses” work. People laughed last year when I told them what was going to happen with the Lake Tahoe release before it was even out. But it happened, and the same thing is going to happen again this year with this release. It’s too much stress and I’m not willing to put myself through that again.

      It’s very sad to me when something designed to promote music and get people interested in music is corrupted by greed… and it is.

      • Paul

        So agree – I hate the record store day gimmick – why her team still bother to go through this every year just to annoy the fans that want to get this record – both years i tried and both years i failed to get the records – last year i was in the line for my record shop that got one copy of the picture disc I found out that was then kept by the people who worked at the record store!! so I had no chance at all of getting it – so the very people who record store is meant to help are the very people keeping the best items for themselves – total greed and they deserves to close if thats what they do. And whilst I was in the line waiting to get in the record shop i saw the disc going on ebay for stupid money.

        As her releases are so few and far between – making the disc and selling it on her website would sell out no doubt so why they don’t do this and just avoid the gimmicky record store day and not annoy the fans is beyond me.

  11. Ed

    Now all one needs to do is find a record shop! Pleased to see that the number of copies is increasing this year.

  12. Justin W.

    I am quite quite sad that this is not being released in the U.S. as I am a big big Kate Bush fan in Atlanta, GA and would LOOVE to own this very much so. I missed out on Lake Tahoe when her website sold the limited they had, hopefully they will sell some of these as well and i will be able to get one. looks amazing!

  13. Bart

    We can only hope that Kate will find some more boxes of the single after Record Store Day, and preferably in large enough amounts…. 🙂

  14. Lisa

    Yesterday on Record Store day, I only just managed to get mine, as all the ebay parasites were out in force after this item, I think I was the only genuine fan after this! I don’t know why Kate bothers, she knows what the outcome will be!! It’s sad when fans are exploited by these horrible people. For god sake Kate leave it alone next year!! you must be as pissed off with this carry on as we are!!!

  15. Tim

    I fail to see the point of “record store day” when there are no bloody records and you don’t stand a chance in hell of getting one unless you sleep on the doorstep overnight. If you want to promote record shops try having some records to buy not turn it into some profiteering gig ticket selling idea for eBay money makers.

  16. Alberto

    I managed to get one, no problem at all!! I really enjoy RSD and I hope Kate Bush does not stop releasing such limited editions, I do not see why Kate should be stopping. The artwork is fantastic and I will treasure this item for my collection. I don’t see ebay to be a problem surely it is the same with record stores which charged quite a lot for Kate Bush rare items, that anybody can find on ebay for half the price they used to be. The problem really are fans that buy those items off ebay for those high prices where they can find later on for cheaper. If fans do not buy RSD or any limited item during a year released to those high prices than there is no need for other people who bought any release at RSD to sell at high rate. Generally is people fault to buy those items to those prices, it is simple as that so giving the fault to web sites like ebay or discogs or other is just a bit naive, it has only been like that whether it is ebay or a record store or another online market place for vinyls and other rarities.
    There is a free market out there where people choose what to buy and how much they want to spend, if fans thinks it is worth paying the amount of money requested for any LTD edition it is because the item worth that money and fans are obviously keen to pay for those prices because they expect that a specific item is worth that specific price range offered.

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