More Newsbits: Record Collector magazine have some interesting news for collectors in their December edition; the ultra-rare Eat The Music 7″ single (only seventeen copies exist?) is placed at number 17 in the magazine’s “100 rarest records ever” listing in their December issue. A value of £1,500 is attributed to this abandoned UK pressing. A b&w photo of the label and sleeve are shown. There’s an interesting paragraph on the scrapped 7″ included with the article. The upcoming January edition of Record Collector will have a large retrospective article looking back at 20 years of Kate.

The editors of HomeGround magazine attended the recent Colin-Lloyd Tucker (featured on The Red Shoes) concert at London’s Mean Fiddler and spoke to Paddy Bush, Kate’s brother who was in attendance. Paddy mentioned an upcoming programme about Madagascar on BBC Radio 4 (more on this when programme details arrive). HomeGround #62 has now been mailed to subscribers. It contains fan’s recollections of the last 20 years of Kate’s music, special moments, special songs etc..