In a recent post to the discussion group love-hounds, Peter-Fitzgerald Morris of HomeGround fanzine has passed on the latest confirmed update from EMI: “Last year, as we reported in the last HomeGround, EMI were looking hopefully at this Autumn. Now we’re in this year it don’t look so realistic. To get a release even in late Autumn would mean the album would have to be finished by June-July at the very latest, that’s 5-6 months away. Unfortunately but realistically it looks like next year at the earliest, Summer/Autumn 2002. I wish it were otherwise, and I would happily like to be proved wrong, but Kate is working on this album in her own time in her own way. We all know what that means. EMI are still hoping to get the rest of the reissues (plus extra tracks) out this year…we pass on what we hear, EMI’s hopes and our guesses. I doubt if even Kate has any real idea of when the album will be finished and released. Hopes and guesses are all we have. What we know for sure, because Dave Cross has just confirmed it with EMI, is that they have not scheduled a Kate album for this year.” (thanks as ever to Peter, Krys and Dave at HomeGround for keeping us as up-to-date as they can!)

Website News: Well, after the above news we’ll focus on dem reissues for now. Sending big warm wishes to Kate as she crafts and shapes her new sounds. Expect some interesting new features to coincide with the resissue CDs whenever they happen. I still intend to get my long-delayed section up and running focusing on the fantastic artists who’ve worked and collaborated with Kate, and very soon I’ll be putting up a really good gallery of Kate-related art which I think you’ll like. The site’s been listed in the new UK “It’s On The Net” magazine, so thanks to them for an unexpected boost! (Thought I’d mention that the Hello Earth site have an interesting listing of every single Kate Bush track there is…do you have them all?!!…I know I don’t!)