Record Collector articleThe June edition of Record Collector magazine features a six page article by James Blandford on the history of the “Early Years” and “Cathy Demos” bootleg recordings which have surfaced since 1989. A complete listing of all known demos is given. Also there is a page long article by the same writer musing on Kate’s current musical activities. He writes: “And while we await the highly anticipated new studio album there have been whispers for some time now that EMI are in the process of remastering Kate’s back catalogue for a series of reissues spanning a year. And, with the prospect of previously unreleased tracks on the horizon, Kate Bush fans can relax a little, finally having something concrete to look forward to. It has been a long and winding road, but we’re still behind her.”  See (thanks to Michael Leitz and Matthew Hutchinson)

In the just published interview with Karen Bliss on Rolling Stone magazine’s website, Fran Healy, lead singer of Travis is commenting on what he likes about working with ex-Katydids singer Susie Hug: “…Healy describes Hug’s material as very “feminine,” and says it is that quality that he most admires. “Joni Mitchell writes brilliantly and is very feminine,” he says. “I can’t say I know women very well because you can’t read people’s minds, but it appears to me that there are very few female artists who are very successful at expressing themselves in that way. There’s Joni, there’s Kate Bush. There’s a few, but I think guys are better at bullshitting basically.” (thanks to Kyla for the news)

Michael Leitz writes: The Whole Story, re-released on the Simply Vinyl Label, has taken the place of Hounds Of Love as a best seller (see Feb 15th, 2001 news) and is now being featured on the label’s homepage “This sterling compilation of Kate Bush’s greatest hits has all the ingredients for a wonderful package filled to the brim with great music.” (thanks Michael)