Newsbits: James Raftery, songwriter for Rat Wakes Red has been in touch. He writes; “Kate Bush is my number one influence and has been an enormous force in my life. I reference her in one of my songs off my album, “Dizzy on Daddy” called Widows Burn. The lyric goes “Kate woke the witch, now look where we are.” Check out my album if you want, you can go to my site at……Keith De Weese writes to recommend the film “Valerie & Her Week Of Wonders” to all Kate Bush fans. He writes: “If a work of art exists in a parallel universe with that of Kate Bush’s, particularly her early work, it is that of Jaromil Jires.  Not only does 13 year Valerie (Jaroslava Schallerova) bear a striking resemblance to young Kate Bush, but the films’ themes, motifs, music, etc. are so Bushian that I can’t help but hope that Kate might have seen the film at some point in her life…. Boolbar writes: “A good chunk of “Feel It” was played during Brookside last night. Adele the 15 year old is accidently pregnant and she was lying on her bed listening to Kate whilst wondering what to do when her Mum (a Nolan Sister I’ll have you know) came in. The scene cut just before the “Synchronise rhythm now” line.” (Thanks Boolbar, for more on Brookie’s obsession with Kate see February 26th news)