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Björk and Maxwell talk about Kate

Bjork - Swan Dress - VespertineKate’s music artist fans have been talking about her in recent interviews promoting their latest albums. Firstly, on Friday Björk was asked by fan Rudi de Jong in a question and answer session on The Times website: “Would you like to work with Kate Bush? I see a lot of parallels between you and her.” She responded “I like Kate Bush very much. Regarding working with her, I’ve thought about it in the past but not recently. I guess the obvious parallel is the fact that she is an artist who wrote and produced a lot of her own material.” Björk has previously commented that she feels honoured to be compared to “such a genius”. Read all of the Q&A with Björk here. She was promoting her inspired new album Vespertine. Read more at her own site here.

Also Maxwell has been interviewed in the LA Times about his new album “Now“. Here’s an excerpt from the interview: Now includes the studio version of a favorite concert song of yours, Kate Bush’s “This Womans Work”, which you also performed on “MTV Unplugged.” What drew you to the tune, which is so quintessentially female? To me, the perfect song can be sung by anyone from any genre. It doesn’t live and die in that place that it (came from). Also, it was a good way to let women know that men get it. When we go through (relationship) things, we do have an emotional factor as well. You mean the emotional burden she’s talking about isn’t strictly women’s work? Yeah. I think about my future children to come, or just matrimony, and romance and stuff. I think a lot of guys carry that energy. They just don’t, our society doesnt set us up to really represent it that much. You can’t be sitting around with your guy friends dreaming about your wedding day? Exactly. So what we do is we go get music. We say, this song right here is telling you how I feel. That’s kind of what made me want to do music in the first place. It was a way of saying something that couldn’t be spoken. That was some powerful stuff. Did you ever get a reaction from Kate Bush? She sent me a letter, giving me props. I was kind of worried, because songs are like people’s children. It was nice to get the nod from the parent, that I did a pretty good job watching the kid. (thanks to Scott Silzer).





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  1. Cupo

    This. Is well said – I was watching masked singer and saw that Maxwell got credit for her (kate bush) song “this woman’s work “ ,, not sure if Maxwell owns the rights now or why they didn’t post up The original songwriters name — anyone know ? – great info and some great artists here – thanks for posting – always was inspired by Kate’s work —

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