Celebrities can’t seem to stop talking about Kate these days; Tori Amos is questioned by readers of the latest Attitude magazine and Brian Chambers of Brixton asked, “How many Kate Bush records do you own?” to which Tori replied, “Well I owned two, which are of course Hounds Of Love and the one after, The Sensual World. I really love those two. Someone gave me The Red Shoes, but then someone stole it …” (thanks to Boolbar) and on the 4th September, the UK Channel 4 show “The Big Breakfast” interviewed film star Nicole Kidman. She discussed her role in the film musical “Moulin Rouge” and said that she had insisted on singing all her songs herself. When asked what singers she liked she replied “Ella and Kate Bush”. (thanks to John Lang).

Q magazine’s music TV channel, where you can call up and request videos, are featuring ‘Hounds of Love’ this month…Tracy Story writes that “I have posted the new interview with Kevin McAlea in the photo section of my Yahoo Clubs site” If you’ve been keeping up with Tracy’s site you’ll know that he’s interviewed Charlie Morgan and Simon Drake. Kevin McAlea’s work with Kate over the years will be well known to Kate fans, read more about Tracy’s club in June 27th news or click here to visit the site…James Lagner tells us: “I recently authored a web site, an online version of the book “Cathy” by John Carder Bush, I think fans who have not seen this sweet tribute from a brother to his sister, might enjoy viewing it” (find it here)…in the US the CBS network is using This Woman’s Work in the commercial for the new fall episode of “Jag” (thanks to Chris)…Marinuz writes: “I just finished reading a book called ‘Juno & Juliet’. It’s about an 18 year old identical twin. Juliet, one of the two sisters, who listens to Kate Bush music. She has a tape of ‘Hounds of Love’ Juliet got to know about Kate’s music through her brother Paul. In the book a few characters go see the play of ‘Wuthering Heights’. Sounds like the Irish writer, Julian Gough, must be a Kate Bush fan himself.”