Q Magazine - December '01 issueThe January edition of Q magazine (published December 7th) will feature “an exclusive, revealing new interview” with Kate. Meanwhile, the current issue of Q has just been published with articles about the awards and some photos of Kate arm in arm with Johnny Rotten. The AwardThe magazine’s website says that this current issue features “pictures, anecdotes and, of course, the results of this year’s bash. See John Lydon share a sofa with Kate Bush…” (thanks to Michael Leitz). Whether next month’s interview is a strong indication of more new album stirrings or purely a reflection on the award the magazine has given to Kate, we have yet to see. It seemingly coincides with the delayed Women In Rock poll results, so it may mean that Kate has done well in that vote…in any case it’s an event in itself, the first published interview with Kate since 1994!