A contributor to Club Gaffa has posted this newsbit: “In a recent interview, Elton John mentions the profound effect that the Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush duet ‘Don’t Give Up‘ has had on his life. The interview is dated 28 September 2001, and has been published on an Italian website: Elton says: “When I took drugs, in the worst period, that is when I was perfectly aware of where I was slipping, a song helped me resist: ‘Don’t Give Up’, by Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush. I was listening to it and I was continuing to repeat aloud: “I will not let go, I will not throw in the sponge”. The problem was that I did not know how to abandon the hole into which I was hurled. Then I understood; I would have to ask for help: to say “I need help” … I will never forget that track from the album ‘So’ by Peter Gabriel. Every time that I allowed the situation to beat down, every time that I thought that this life was not worth anything, I put on ‘Don’t Give Up’ and I convinced myself yes, it is worth the pain. Still now I cry, when I feel it.”