Newsbits: The Bristol Sound website carries an interview with Massive Attack‘s Robert Del Naja. On the subject of their upcoming collaboration with Sinead O’Connor he has this to say: “After Sinead I can’t imagine any other female singers who have that passion and angle we’re looking for. At great risk to my personal safety, I don’t hear many great female singers at the moment, apart from the usual soul diva area where you hear some brQ 100 greatest photosilliant vocal performances. If you look at all the great songs that can make you cry, it was usually male singers. Having said that, Kate Bush could be really interesting.” Read the whole interview here (thanks to Russ Thomas)…Kate appears in another special edition of Q magazine – the 100 Greatest Rock N’ Roll Photographs. Kate’s cover for the 1978 Lionheartalbum by Gered Mankowitz is at number 13…On February 25th Virgin are re-releasing Peter Gabriel’s “Shaking The Tree” hits collection, featuring Don’t Give Up with Kate, remastered for the very first time Kyla's tattooand digitally enhanced while the album has been repackaged by Real World Design with a new and improved 12-page booklet (thanks to Barry Jobson)…On the occasion of the 30th birthday of the German radio station HR3 their listeners were able to choose their all-time favourites out of a list of 700 songs. The  songs that got the most votes were played on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, Wuthering Heights was placed at number 20, see the station’s site here (thanks to Michael Leitz)…described as having a “Kate Bush mixed with Renaissance style” Japanese band Abysmal Masquerade‘s second release features the classically trained female vocalist Hiroko Nagai. The band perform a version of James & The Cold Gun…Beate Meiswinkel tells us about a new German CD collection “Best Of Keltica” featuring Kate’s Mná na hÉireann, released by Sony Vertrieb. Check (thanks Beate)…and finally Kyla has been inspired by some art she saw on this site’s Stephen Brown gallery to have a tattoo of Kate done! She has sent us this photo of it, click on it for a larger version.