Newsbits: Robert Brown lets us know that Kate is featured on TOTP2 next Wednesday 6th March on BBC2 at 7.05pm (thanks Robert)…the UK’s best-selling men’s magazine, FHM, has included Babooshka in its list of the 100 sexiest music videos. “So she’s really talented and writes all her own stuff and lives like a recluse, but Christ will you look at this – Kate as Babooshkachainmail bikini, thighs, wind-machine ebony hair, thighs, leather boots, thighs, and check out that knife! That’s gotta be bondage. Babooshka made a bona fide sex object of Kate and vies with Olivia Newton John’s Physical as the most reliable 3-minute arouser of its day. Sadly, Kate then went and built a studio in her house, and she’s barely emerged since.” See FHM website here…David Sheasby reads in the currrent Q Magazine that they mention the possibility of a Kate album later this year, “‘Though we have been waiting quite a while already,’ said a spokesman”…and one eager (but incorrect) website even lists the “new CD” as coming out this summer here…a tiny clip of the Babooshka video was broadcast last Monday night on the RAI2 programme in Italy “Cocktail d’Amore“, and Kate was also mentioned during the afternoon quiz “Passaparola“, Canale 5, which asked “Which Kate abandoned music to be a mum?” Antonello (who sent in this news) has contacted the TV station to let them know Kate hasn’t abandoned music!