Newsbits: There is a picture of Kate (back cover of Lionheart by Gered Mankowitz) in the ‘She Bop‘ exhibition at theNational Portrait Gallery in London, downstairs, next to the bookshop. See the gallery’s site here. (thanks to David Sheasby and David Plaister for letting me know)….this site and many others have been reviewed and assessed in a two page article about Kate Bush on the Internet in the August issue of Record Collector magazine. I’m pleased to say that Kate Bush News & Information is recommended as a first stop, so thanks to writer Cliff McLenehen (thanks to Mark for spotting the article)….two artists discussing Kate on the BBC website recently include Jane Weaver and Euros Child (of Welsh band Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci), click on their names for the interviews….the BBC site also mentions a concert last year at the Bristol Community Festival where the group Naked Voicesperformed “soothing acappella interpretations of everything from Kate Bush to Seal, enough to bring warmth to the coldest soul”….Tristan and Jeremy send some news from France about two new compilations Platinium Pop includes Babooshka andTogether – Pop includes Running Up That Hill….Michael Leitz found Kate at number one in the Ulver Music Top Ten with Hounds Of Love, “A classic Kate Bush album and the one that broke her into major stardom in the US. Interestingly enough, the UK pressings sound much better than the US ones.” See the BBC site here…Michael also found an article in the Guardian newspaper by singerLouise Wener of Sleeper: “The one good thing about growing up with chronic asthma was the frequency with which I was allowed to stay home from school in the winter, listening to music….I discovered that the force of singing along to Wuthering Heights and whirling my arms above my head like Kate Bush made my breathing easier; and that the addition of a hairbrush, a mirror and a touch of bathroom reverb made it all the more enjoyable…I spent the rest of the night singing along to Kate Bush in front of the bathroom mirror, writing a new chapter for my second novel, counting my blessings and wondering what on earth I could have been thinking of…” See the article here….Kevin Tachman says that Kiki & Herb (see April 22nd news) will be performing in London 24 July-17 August, not sure of venue…John Lang heard Hello Earth played on the BBC Radio 3 show Late Junction, see the site here….JOY FM, Australia’s only gay and lesbian radio station ran a 2 hour special on Kate and Tori Amos at Saturday 27 July 2002 (thanks to Henry Chan)