Newsbits: A lot of recent rumours about the progress on Kate’s new album and indeed who is handling the promotion or otherwise of the new work have been circulating, one rumour suggested that a particular person in the record industry has been given a list of tracks from the new album already. Just so you know, the editors of HomeGround magazine have told me that they have good cause to be sceptical about the latter story….Tony B on the guestbook writes: “I’ve just returned from two weeks holiday in Cornwall. While there, I went to see ‘The Eden Project.’ Kate is a part of it. There is a part of the project dedicated to the production of rubber, one display is lots of rubber wellingtons happily dancing away to a very loud Rubberband from the Kate Museum site - Kate in JapanGirl. It is so sureal to see all these boots jigging away to Kate, next to a condom display. You just have to be there!”…Hideaki Nishihara of the Lionheart Japanese fan club has sent me a link to a new “Kate Museum” page which features a lot of rare promotional pics (see photo left) and photos from Kate’s time in Japan (including those Seiko watch ads) in the early days here…VH1 are currently taking votes for the 100 greatest women to be screened late September, Simon Fourny has sent in this link to vote….Kate’s Babooshka video was played on the French TV show “80 à l’heure” on 5th August (see French Kate forum here, thanks also to FX of The Ninth Wave site for letting me know)….Geoff Tate, while promoting his solo release, mentions Kate as a personal favourite artist here (thanks David)….Malcolm Calder also noted in the recent issue of Record Collector, hidden in the ‘Big Heart For A Big Country’ article – tribute to Stuart Adamson, three of the participants (Bill Nelson, Midge Ure & Mike Baillie) are asked ‘What do you miss about him most?’ Midge Ure replies: “The fact that there’s one less person fighting against mediocrity. I had a great conversation with Kate Bush about 10 years ago. We were doing a duet and we went to her studio. She was talking about quitting and I said, ‘You can’t because if you quit, I’ll quit, and if I quit somebody else who cares will quit…’ Stuart was one of those steps down the line. He was someone who cared, who’s not there now.”….David Sheasby has sent in this very proper mention of Kate’s birthday fromThe Daily Telegraph….Justin in Bath let me know that Naked Voices (see July 28th news) performed Rocket’s Tail that day, “It was almost as if Kate and the Trio were there themselves amazing”….Kate’s rendition of Rocket Man is played in the film Women Talking Dirty, starring Helena Bonham Carter. (thanks to “Bonzo” on the guestbook)