BBC2 are screening a television documentary about a young brain injured girl who is taken from Scotland to London to try to stimulate a flicker of response in a specialist unit. Her love of Kate’s music is spoken of and used to try to acheive a response, and Kate’s music is also used as a part of the film. The film is entitled “Locked In” and part one will be screened on BBC2 at 11.20pm on Tuesday 17th December 2003. From the BBC site: “This two part series explores the devastating affect that a coma can have on a person and their family. Diagnosed as vegetative seven years ago following a seizure, Joanne Douglas is about to embark on the most important journey of her life. Her parents are convinced that Joanne is showing increased signs of awareness. They believe that she is locked in, hearing and understanding everything but unable to communicate. The only way to find out is to send her to be tested by experts in London.” (thanks to Alan on RMG and Cynthia Conrad for letting us know)