The Summer 2003 issue of HomeGround Magazine has been mailed to subscribers. The lead news item is the editor’s belief that “the long wait may finally be coming to an end. This is just our opinion, but it is not impossible that the album could be released later this year. If it is going to be in 2003, October or November would seem most likely, but it may be that it doesn’t actually appear until the spring, when the market is less busy and it’s easier to get key promotion.” Always interesting when HomeGround dusts off the crystal ball, but as we know Kate’s press office says she is “working very hard on the new album”. This issue is dedicated to Sarah-Jane Mackenzie, a Kate fan and close friend of Peter & Krys who tragically passed away in December. I had the pleasure of sharing some time with Sarah-Jane over the last few years, she will be hugely missed and thought of very fondly by all who knew her. The issue is another gem – part two of the Designers guide to Kate by Neil Sheriff, some really good photos, a very funny “Do’s & Don’ts of Kate Fans” brought to us by the creators of cult classic “The Pink Mules” (!) and lots more articles, letters and poetry. If you like poems about trees you’re in for a treat too. HomeGround has now set up a Paypal account for subscriptions – read more at the HomeGround pages here.