Newsbits: Mike Gray writes: Women Who Rock (July/Aug ’03), a US magazine has an “In The Studio” section on page 15 and states “Kate Bush is busy working on a to-be-titled UK release. And we think it’s for real this time.” Then on page 58, she’s named 24th most essential Woman Who Rocked The World. In the article it says “British Enchantress Still Wants To Be Alone – Kate Bush has proven over her sporadic moments in the limelight that you can find success entirely on your own terms, reaching lofty heights by not compromising your ethics, beliefs or spellbinding voice…young female singers everywhere are inspired to follow their own muse and damn the consequences. Says one of her spiritual descendants, Charlotte Martin, “I remember when I first heard Kate’s voice and [was] impressed with the amount of control she had, and then remember the chills I got because there was so much emotion and conviction in her tone and in her words.” Mike tells me that it’s worth checking out the Charlotte Martin website (thanks Mike)….according to Armydreamers on the site forum, the 24th July editon of the daily news on Bulgarian TV (BTV) had a story about Yanka Rupkhina (from The Trio Bulgarka). She’s composing a new song dedicated to the late George Harrison. They interviewed her and talked about her career. The presenter said that Kate was the first one to work with the Trio and that after her Peter Gabriel and George Harrison followed her. The most interesting part was at the end when they showed pictures from Yanka’s personal collection. Most of them were of Yanka and Kate.” (thanks Armydreamers)

If you’re planning on being in Australia in September here’s an event worth checking out: “Join Able Productions and celebrate the 21st anniversary of Kate Bush’s album masterpiece The Dreaming…Saturday 13th September, Central City Library, Adelaide St., Brisbane. From midday see footage of Kate’s classic clips & live appearances AND…back by popular demand – Kate Bush Night, Alliance Hotel, Spring Hill from 8pm. Featuring DJ, dancefloor, giveaways, Taylor Gibson & “All Yours Babooshka” tribute show. Check out the site here, where you can vote for the clips you’d like shown. (thanks Kristian)…Capitol Records have just released a Go West greatest hits CD including “The King Is Dead”. Finally a remastered version to hear a little Kate in the background….Toddicus wrote to singer Donna Lewis in her fanmail forum discussing Kate Bush. Click on the most recent letter from him – she describes how she’s quite the Kate fan in hopes for a new album soon (thanks Toddicus)….Jamie is having another club night on the 2nd August, see June 28th news or check the site here)…pianist Joan Bujacich gets compared to Kate in this article here;”though Bujacich’s writing continues in the tradition of songwriting greats Carly Simon and Joni Mitchell, her music also journeys into riskier territory. She is sometimes compared to underground pop-music icons Kate Bush or Patti Smith.” (thanks to PDFM)