Carol Keogh of The Tycho BraheSeptember 17th 2003: Newsbits: Carol Keogh of Dublin band The Tycho Brahe has selected Hounds of Love as one of her favourite albums in the latest issue of Hot Press, she remembers “sharing the genius of this with two of my oldest friends”. [Seán says: Their new album, Love Life, is to be highly recommended to Kate fans. In trying to describe the increasingly unique sound of the band (and Carol’s magnificent vocal work & lyric writing), Kate’s name, and a number of other singers, have often been mentioned by reviewers. Carol and Tycho member Donal O’Mahony’s previous band, The Plague Monkeys, were also often lazily compared to the Cocteau Twins. The main thing is that if you like refreshing, brilliantly produced, inventive and often highly moving music then this is for you. And so ends my plug!]

The September edition of Record Collector in the UK features an article entitled “Picture this”. They write: “It’s the 75th anniversary of the picture disc, and to celebrate, we present some of the choicest examples of the art.” One of those examples they present is Kate’s The Kick Inside…a streaming sample of Placebo‘s Running Up That Hill cover can be found hereTricky mentions Kate again here…ON BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge programme with Jo Whiley, Dido mentions Kate; “I did karaoke in Japan – oh, my god I had fun. I did Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush which was the worst rendition you’ve ever heard”…the New York Times reviews the Merreminne Dancers here, the music they dance to includes Kate…according to German TV Channel RTL a list of all time selling albums shows that Hounds Of Love has been her most successful in the country hereThe Futureheads tell the NME (August 2nd): “We love Kate because she comes at music from a really spazzy angle. That’s the reason we covered ‘Hounds of Love’. It’s good pop with a strange arrangement”. (thanks to Katie Flack)…John found some (very) old news in a June 1985 issue of Zig Zag. In an interview with ‘Sid and Nancy’ Film Maker Alex Cox – “Would you like to do more promo videos?” Alex – “Nah, But with the Pogues yes. Or the Plugz. But I don’t really want to get into it. I’ve already turned down the opportunity to do a £100,000 Kate Bush video because, who needs it?”…Japanese digital TV showed the Secret Policeman’s Third Ball including Kate’s live Running Up That Hill on August 28th, also CS digital station CH230 aired the whole SNL show, including Kates first US TV appearance, on 30th August (thanks to Sozo Yamamoto)…in an interview from August 18th Brian Kennedy again mentions Kate’s influence…a Nottingham newspaper reports on a Top Of The Pops Starlets competition featuring a Kate impersonator…(newsbit thanks to Cynthia Conrad and Michael Leitz)