Update: The Ninth Wave website is reporting that it has contacted Emma Murphy. According to them she says that she “participated last year in the recording of the song “Bertie”. The orchestration of this song (done by the very “Celtic” Bill Thorpe) is for recorders and viols.” Susanna PellEmma Murphy

Two members of the classical group Da Camera will be performing on Kate’s new album. Emma Murphy is described by BBC Radio 3 as “the Stirling Moss” of the recorder world, while Susanna Pell (also a member of the Dufay Collective) is regarded as one of the world’s leading viol players. Together with Steven Devine on harpsichord they have previously perfomed a concert programme entitled A Celtic Celebration which “mixes traditional folk music with dance tunes, including some from Playford’s Dancing Master, together with more “standard” Baroque Music, either directly from or inspired by the celtic musical legacy.” Da Camera (founded in 1997 by Murphy and Devine) play music from five centuries – from the “Estampie” and “Passamezzos” of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries to works from the present day. Their recent recording session with Kate for her new album is mentioned here and here. (thanks to Brian Cloughley for spotting this)