Homeground 73 - Spring 2004The new issue of HomeGround Magazine (Spring 2004 Issue) has been mailed out to subscribers (I received mine late due to a postal strike here in Dublin – was starting to get HG withdrawals!). It’s had a very good response on the site’s forum and is one of the most poetic issues yet produced – the issue includes some great poetry courtesy of John Carder Bush (Kate’s brother) as well as several readers. There’s a wonderful story by Thom Penman, a review of the book Starter For Ten (its author David Nicholls writes about his Kate influences for this issue too). There’s a report on the Glastonbury 2003 gathering and pictures of the now-famous mini cloudbuster! Birgitte contributes a comprehensive look at Kate’s 1978 De Efteling TV special in The Netherlands, there’s a look at links between Kate’s work and classical painting, a fun tongue-in-cheek quiz and all the usual news, letters and artwork – do not miss! Make sure your subscription is up-to-date at the HomeGround Pages.

What’s the word from the HG editors regarding the new album? “…we believe Kate is currently in the final stages of completing the new album, and that there is a great deal of anticipation, excitement, and enthusiasm at EMI.” When Homeground has definite news and get the go-ahead from Kate and EMI they intend to email a News Update to everyone (much thanks as always to Peter, Krys and Dave.)