Hi all. As we gear up for KB8 it’s become obvious to me that I need more space. The old site was hosted for free with eircom.net and is limited to 10MB in size – basically, it’s full! So I have moved the entire site over to this new address which gives me 25 times the space to host the site, much more control and basically puts me in a much better position to cope with the daily news that’s going to be pouring in come album time. This improved hosting is going to cost money so I will have to consider some sort of discreet advertising (such as Google ads) somewhere on the site, something that I’ve managed to avoid for the last 7 and a half years. Don’t worry, I hate ad banners so will keep it to a minumum! The old eircom address will remain for the time being but please do update your bookmarks and spread the word. At the moment the new address simply mirrors all of the content from the old site, but over the next while I will be re-structuring the news section to deal with the practicalities of the upcoming expected volume of updates. Thanks as always for all your help and support, here’s looking forward to the excitement of hearing that voice again. Seán T